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The Cake Delivery Service that Will Make You go YUM!

Everybody loves cakes! That’s the indisputable fact, so to say. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a diet or avoiding sugar, you’ll still want to enjoy a delicious slice of cake from time to time.

Since your love for cakes and delicacies is so big, today we’ll introduce you to the ideal service for cake delivery in Singapore. Let’s see why will make you go yum!

The Service

First of all, let’s take a look at what this delivery service brings on the table compared with other similar services. For example, they vow to replace any unsatisfactory deliveries for free – or give the clients their money back in full in case this happens.

Moreover, don’t think that you’ll wait too much for a replacement or refund. Why? Because of their fast delivery service – orders above $80 enjoy one-hour and same-day free delivery. Naturally, any late orders will be compensated with a store credit refund.

Last but not least, you can surprise anyone you want, right as their birthday starts. offers you overnight and midnight deliveries, so that the important moments in your life don’t lack sweetness!


Obviously, the real deal is the cakes – the baked and yummy cakes!

At the moment, 16,000 people decided that the cakes are so tasty that they must leave a positive review. This is thanks to the team behind the icing. The chefs and bakers responsible for your cakes have been trained by professionals schooled in France and chocolate-famous Switzerland.

You can’t go wrong with a cake given these conditions!

Customer’s Recommendations

Now, let’s see which cakes are the most popular among the 16,000 sweetened and happy customers!

With the help of the internet, we found out that the 8-inches Premium Biscoff Cheesecake, the Oreo Cheesecake, and the Burnt Cheesecake are some of the best cakes that you can try!

It goes without saying that all the cakes are freshly baked after you make an order. Also, depending on the occasion, you can add big candles, small candles, and birthday toppers to the cakes.

Cakes and More!

Of course, the people behind do much more than just cakes, so to say. While perfectly-baked cakes are their one and true passion, they can also provide you with soft toys, balloons, flowers, pies, and sweet treats.

In short, you can count on them for anything else that could accompany one of their delicious cakes. We have our eyes on an Oreo Cheesecake paired with a cute Sugar Plum Llamacorn, to be honest!

The Bottom Line

If you’re living or just visiting Singapore, you should definitely give cakedelivery.sga try. Let your taste buds experience one of their cheese, chocolate, rainbow, or durian cakes once, and you’ll never want to try something else!

The gold-standard taste is provided by the 28 years of excellence behind!

Don’t worry about planning! They’re available and ready to bake 24/7. You just have to send them a message and you’ll go yum! in one hour!

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