Green tea is good for health. This is a universal truth at the same level as an apple a day keeps the doctor away. That’s why we were excited when Organic tea brand Pukka Herbs launched four new matcha variants in Singapore: Ginseng Matcha Green, Lean Matcha Green, Mint Matcha Green, Clean Matcha Green.

Left to Right: Ginseng Matcha Green, Lean Matcha Green, Mint Matcha Green, Clean Matcha Green


Pukka teas are made with 100 percent certified organic and ethically sourced ingredients. All Pukka products are made using renewable energy and to further its commitment to carbon reduction, Pukka had its ambitious climate goal- to be carbon zero by 2030, validated by the Science Based Targets initiatve (SBTi) in 2018.


What’s the difference between matcha and regular green tea?

While this is termed the Pukka Matcha range, for each of the four variants, Matcha makes up only 2 percent of the ingredients. Hence if you are expecting a strong matcha taste or texture, then perhaps this is not what you are looking for.

BUT, as regular green tea, all four variants tasted really good! All four were enjoyable with each of their unique twist. Hence putting aside the slight misnomer in the name, this range is definitely worth a try.


Fancy sipping billions of microscopic plastic particles into your belly? If your answer is a resounding no, then you will be glad that Pukka teabags are the good ol’ paper biodegradable type.

Research has found that the plastic pyramid-shaped mesh tea bags that seem to be in vogue nowadays actually releases microscopic plastic particles into hot water. The particles are completely invisible to the naked eye. While the health effects of ingesting such particles are not certain, we certainly prefer not to take the risk.

Everything Pukka creates- even the string on the teabags- is certified organic.


Pukka lean matcha green- pefect for a cold or a cold day, or any day actually.

While we loved all four variants, the stand out star to us is the Pukka Lean Matcha Green! With its blend of cinnamon, ginger and fennel, it is the perfect cup of tea for warming up your body when you have a cold or when it’s a cold rainy day, or just about any day actually. That’t how drinkable and agreeable it tastes.


The Pukka Matcha range is available in selected Cold Storage and NTUC FairPrice stores as well as online at Redmart and FairPrice Online. Each box of Pukka Matcha tea retails at SGD $7.90.

What brand or type of green tea do you like? Do share in the comments below!