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$2 food? Why not? Xin Tekka Food Hall opens 1 August and here’s everything (promo) you need to know!

Celebrate Singapore’s 55th Birthday by bringing your own egg(s) to Xin Tekka from 1 till 9 August and enjoy $2 dishes from the food stalls at Tekka’s largest food hall.

Liang Ji’s Chef Dominic, who operates a char kway teow stall, has gathered his fellow vendor-friends in Xin Tekka to re-ignite the kampong spirit and bring back this long-gone hawker culture where it was common practice in the past for customers to bring an egg to be cooked with their fare and getting a discount in the process.

Through this Bring Your Own Egg promotion, the vendors want to give back to the community who have shown them much support and patronage over the years. Xin Tekka, which features a stellar line-up of local hawker legends, comeback restaurateurs, and new-generation food entrepreneurs look forward to having you!

Promotion Details:

  • Bring your own egg and enjoy $2 dishes from 1 Aug till 9 Aug 2020
  • Promotional dishes will be at $2.50 if eggs are not provided by customers

Participating Vendors and Promotional Dish:

  1. Liang Ji – Char Kway Teow; 2 redemptions per customer
  2. Pang’s Hakka Noodle – Hakka Noodles; 100 portions during the promotion period
  3. Casa Bom Vento Express – Casa Bom Vento Express; limited to 1 portion per customer
  4. RW Express – Egg Curry and Basmati Rice; 100 portions per day
  5. Hosay’s Delicacy – Meatball noodle soup; unlimited portion
  6. Morning Boss – Kopi and Youtiao; 55 portions per day
  7. Rong Guang BBQ Seafood (3 – 9 August) – Olive Fried Rice; 55 portions per day
  8. Alhambra Satay (4 – 9 August) – Gado Gado; 20 portions per day
  9. Da Boomz Delights (4 – 9 August) – Sausage & Egg Apam Balik; limited to 1 portion per customer; walk-in only

Xin Tekka Food Hall is open from 8 AM – 8 PM from Monday to Friday and 9 AM – 8 PM on Saturday and Sunday. What are you waiting for? Mark your calendar today!

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