Messy charging cable is a common frustration everyone faces. They get all tangled up when you leave them lying around and when you bunch them up to carry them in your bag.

CleverThings, a Singapore design studio with over 16 years of experience in the design and development of consumer products is here to save the day with their latest invention – BondCable.

BondCable is currently on Kickstarter and the folks at CleverThings have sent me a sample. I tested it and it works exact like how it is described to work – coil, squeeze, bond.

Three simple steps and it is bye bye to messy charging cables.

  • Coil
  • Bond
  • Squeeze

The product has been developed, scientifically tested and ready for mass production. Crowdfunding prices started from US$9.90 (S$14) on Kickstarter for Non Apple Devices BondCable and US$13.90 (S$19) for Lightning BondCable.

If you are interested to get your hands on a BondCable pre-orders are now open with an expected shipment date of early October 2020.

Support BondCable now at: