Personalized celebrity video platform ACE.Video is bringing back the dad jokes, this time with their celebrity talents Kumar and Gurmit Singh.

ACE.Video allows users to book digital autographs from their favourite celebrities as a gift to either themselves or a loved one. These videos not only serve as a form of direct engagement of fans with their idols but also as a piece of memorabilia for the recipient.

For Fathers’ Day, stand-up comedian and drag queen Kumar as well as actor, comedian and host Gurmit Singh are here to celebrate the fathers in our lives! Fans of the two are welcomed to request personalized videos from them via the ACE.Video website.

The heartfelt video messages from Kumar and Gurmit Singh, combined with their wits and humour, are sure to crack a smile on Dad’s face this Fathers’ Day. Be sure to request Kumar for a dad joke that you know your father would love and relate to!

ACE.Video has already seen a significant increase in video requests streaming in June for video requests. Customers are voicing out that they find it difficult to buy presents for their easygoing fathers, but that a personalized video message would do just the job.

ACE’s talent pool is steadily rising, with 63 stars from around Southeast Asia already on the platform. There is also a “Request a Star” feature on ACE’s platform, where users can request for stars that are not yet listed on the platform.

Other existing stars include singer-songwriter Ming Bridges, host and singer Wallace Ang and drag queen Vanda Miss Joaquim. Their talents range from athletes, musicians and business leaders to stars for kids and charity.