Bored staying at home with limited leisure options? GameTop is a Singapore-based game distribution company is here to provide entertainment. GameTop distributes free, downloadable PC games that are legal and in full versions. It has a strong monthly user base of over 3 million and has been around for more than 10 years.

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You can find a huge collection of games that is easily downloadable within a few clicks without any need for sign-ups or email subscriptions. Their games are free of in-game ads, malware and viruses. In this sponsored article, let us hear from GameTop’s CEO, Sergei Eliseev, and find out more about this company.

Q: Why did you set up a company that provides games for free?

Sergei: Sure. When I was young, I only had one goal in mind, and that is to play free games. However, when I try to get them online, I constantly feel cheated by the websites that label their games as free but contain unwanted programs, viruses or would just stop me from playing after a couple of levels into the game. Some even wanted me to pay in order to carry on. Ever since then, I had a vision to make my own games and share them with everybody for free. That is how it started. And from there, GameTop grew into a legitimate game website that distributes our own games; Games that all of us can download safely.

While making our own games, we realise how much hard work needs to be put into a single game. To make even more games accessible and to support all game developers, we started licensing their games as well. This way, they gain an additional source of income and also the exposure that they deserve and needed. 

Q: Who are GameTop’s target users?

Sergei: Anybody who would love for a game to play for free. In fact records show that we have users from all over the world and of all ages. This is because we provide a wide range of games genres that attract their own audience. They have been with us since we started and we have also received numerous feedbacks thanking us for the entertainment we provide for free.

Q: What are some of your best game categories?

Sergei: Our Hidden Objects games and Match-3 games are largely popular in general, which explains why we have a huge collection of these games. Our racing games are well-loved by our younger users. Do take note that you can find the same games here for free but may have to pay for them elsewhere. This is why users prefer GameTop.

Q: Is it just PC games that you distribute for free?

Sergei: We have started to also distribute free Mac games and free Android game apps via our sister sites, MacStop and TopApps. All of which will also follow the vision of GameTop and that is to ensure that the games are available in full versions and for free. We will also continue to bring in even more games that we release on a weekly basis to the game community.

Q: Is there anything you would like to say to your users?

Sergei: Yes. We really hope that our users understand the hard work behind making games available for free. For some of these free games, we have absorbed the cost for users by paying for their licensing. There are also unsung heroes behind the scene that need our support. Therefore please do continue to support us by simply playing and enjoying our games.