Throughout April, meat-loving diners across Singapore and Hong Kong demonstrated the big difference that individual food choices can make for the planet with Impossible Foods’ Earth Month campaign. By choosing Impossible plant-based meat dishes over the animal-based equivalent,

Singapore’s consumers saved 102,113 sq meters of land, 46,509 kg of CO2, and 1,275,468 litres of water. This is the equivalent to:

  • Roughly the land area of 391 tennis courts or three times the size of Jewel Changi Airport
  • Over 2,550,936 million water bottles worth of water (0.5L each) or the water footprint of 16,846 showers averaging 10 minutes
  • The greenhouse gas emissions of more than 222,276 km driven in a car
  • Diners of both Singapore and Hong Kong combined saved over 242,000 square metres of land, more than 110,000 kg of CO2 and over 3 million litres of water

Contributing to the strong Earth Month results, Deliveroo Singapore saw a 53% increase in orders for Impossible dishes from key restaurant partners Three Buns, NamNam, PS.Cafe and Pizza Express throughout April (compared to March). Top selling dishes included Three Buns Impossible Chedda and PS.Cafe’s long-standing PS. Impossible Burger, a favourite in Singapore since its launch in 2019.

Impossible Foods aims to reduce the need for animal agriculture, which is directly responsible for one of the most immediate threats our species faces: devastating climate change and collapse of biodiversity. Using science and technology, the brand replicates the meaty taste and deliciousness that people love in meat, using plant-based ingredients with a significantly lower environmental impact.

The Impossible Burger (of 113g serving size), compared to the same amount of ground beef from a cow, uses 96% less land, 87% less water and 89% less greenhouse gasses. For the consumer, it means that this saves 7 square meters of land, 3 kg of CO2, and 84 litres of water.

Special Earth Month

Special Earth Month dishes included a new plant-based menu from Three Buns by Potato Head, featuring new burgers like the Impossible Hombre, a Mexican-inspired stack with Impossible hot chilli and roasted peppers, set to stay on the permanent menu after selling over 500 burgers throughout Earth Month, with the restaurant selling close to 2,500 Impossible menu items over the course of the month in total.

NamNam also saw a surge in sales for its Pho Impossible, resulting in 56% for total Impossible items sold across its restaurants during April, while Pizza Express’s Impossible Teriyaki Pizza outsold other Impossible items on the menu by 48% across its restaurants.

PS. Cafe also launched the all-new Impossible Bombay Koftas served with a cauliflower and potato hash, which will stay on its menu permanently.

New restaurant partners Straits Chinese, Chilli Padi and Springleaf Prata Place also joined the mission by offering locally inspired delights, such as Impossible Nyonya Nogn Hiang, Impossible Rendang Burger and Impossible Murtaburger respectively.

Consumers could also tuck into Italian, Mexican and Peranaken cuisine from existing restaurants partners including Impossible Pizzaiola from Extra Virgin Pizza, Tex Mex Breakfast with Impossible Chilli from Overeasy, as well as Impossible Burritos, Tacos and Quesadillas from Stuff’d, and Impossible Satay from Singapore-based restaurant group Violet Oon.

Please check in with Impossible restaurant partners, or delivery platforms directly, for most up to date Impossible dishes and takeaway and delivery options during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker and beyond.