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DBS PayLah! users can send digital green packets DBS eGifts for Hari Raya 2020

With safe distancing measures in place this Hari Raya, the Muslim community can continue to preserve the tradition of exchanging green packets and well wishes digitally with DBS eGift, via DBS PayLah!.

How DBS eGift works

Customers simply need to use DBS PayLah! to send and receive a DBS eGift.

To send an eGift, tap on the ‘Pay’ button on DBS PayLah!’s dashboard and toggle on the ‘Send as eGift’ function after entering the desired amount and message.

Givers should check that they are sending the eGift to official mobile numbers used by recipients to register for DBS PayLah! and/or PayNow.

The eGift can also be sent to mark other occasions all-year-round such as birthdays and weddings, as well as Mother’s Day on 10 May and Father’s Day on 21 June.

800 top users can stand to win a weekly cash prize

From 24 May to 20 June 2020, those who successfully send or receive a DBS eGift are eligible to participate in the DBS PayLah! eGift contest.

The top 200 users every week, who make qualifying transactions of at least SGD 2 per transaction in a week, stand a chance to win a cash prize of SGD 18 each. A qualifying transaction is defined as a successful DBS PayLah! eGift transaction between a unique giver-receiver pair (i.e. multiple transactions between the same giver-receiver pair are counted as one transaction).

Each qualified user may win the weekly cash prize once throughout the contest. For more details, visit here.

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