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Taste Gourmet Market launches Online Catalogue and Facebook Live buying session with home delivery

Get a wide range of groceries from meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, deli, dairy, wine and many more at Taste gourmet market, well-stocked both online and in-store.

Online Catalogue

Adapting to the COVID-19 situation, Taste gourmet market has rolled out ways for shoppers to get their groceries conveniently from the comfort of their homes. Taste’s comprehensive catalogue can be easily accessed online.

Delivery is free for orders above $100. For orders below $100, there is a flat fee of $10 for delivery. Shoppers can expect next-day delivery for all orders before 12 PM.

Shoppers can also skip the queues by pre-ordering online and picking up their order in-store. The gourmet market located at Raffles Holland V stays open from 8 AM to 10 PM daily.

Facebook LIVE Sales

In collaboration with Singapore Home Cooks (SHC) Facebook Group, Taste also runs a Facebook LIVE buying session every Tuesday – Friday (8 PM) and Saturday to Sunday (3 PM).

The group buying session allows buyers to place orders for groceries directly through Facebook comments and messages while enjoying lively shopping activities and cooking demonstrations with Taste’s products.

Orders through the SHC’s Facebook Group Buy page arrives in 2 days for home deliveries.

Restaurant-Grade Gourmet Items from Premium Suppliers

Taste gourmet market is powered by Far Ocean Singapore. With the large variety of quality products available, shoppers can easily cook up a feast for their loved ones at home.

Those who love seafood will be pleased to discover the wide selection of premium seafood at Taste, including choice items such as oysters, caviar, sea-farmed salmon, seabass, whitebait, tiger prawns and many more.

Be spoilt for choice with the premium fresh and frozen meats sourced from Swiss Butchery. Take your pick with the premium meats from US Prime short ribs, Angus Ribeye, Kurobuta pork belly, pork collar, lamb racks and many more to choose from.

Shoppers can also order their choice of marinade for the meats, and cook up a fuss-free meal by simply pan-searing the marinated meats at home. Swiss Butchery also offers a range of deli meats, from their signature truffle ham and champagne ham to a selection of premium sausages.

Some marquee items include:

  • AUS Wagyu Grainfed Sirloin Steak Mb 4/7 [200g-220g] – $19.80
  • U.S. Prime Ribeye Steak [200g-220g] – $18.90
  • Dried Aged Beef (Premium Beef) (14Days) [200g-220g] – $13.50
  • Frozen Black Tiger Prawn [1Kg] – $22.50
  • Frozen Chilean Salmon Portion [500g] – $13.50
  • Frozen White Bait [500g] – $10.80
  • Frozen Chilean Seabass Steak [500g] – $39.60
  • Frozen Japanese Surami Ika [500-600g] – $19.80

Fresh Sashimi and Sushi From SENS

SENS Sushi & Grill restaurant, located within the Taste gourmet market, has made the shift to offering its exceptional Japanese dishes for takeaways and deliveries.

Shoppers can order their menu items over the counter, and have them ready once they finish grocery shopping. A selection of fresh sashimi, sushi, sushi platters and bento boxes are also readily available for pick-up at a dedicated sushi counter.

SENS Sushi & Grill is available on delivery platforms such as FoodPanda, Deliveroo, and Oddle.

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