[Review] Peachy Skin Bar - Singapore's First Bespoke Membership Skin Bar - Alvinology

[Review] Peachy Skin Bar – Singapore’s First Bespoke Membership Skin Bar

Facial and skincare salons do not necessarily have to be non-transparent with their pricing and package. Peachy Skin Bar, a newly launched bespoke membership skin bar in Singapore seeks to change this.

[Review] Peachy Skin Bar - Singapore's First Bespoke Membership Skin Bar - Alvinology

The beauty industry has a perennial ugly side in Singapore – it has consistently been ranked among the top three industries with the most complaints, according to the Consumer Association of Singapore.

From aggressive up-selling, hidden add-ons to pressure sales tactics, these are some of the common complaints that have plagued the beauty industry in Singapore for the longest time.

How is Peachy Skin Bar different

Peachy Skin Bar promises zero hard-selling, zero judgment, and full customisation for their customers. On a quest to promote transparency, founder Crystal Lee was set to reimagine the facial experience by introducing a membership tier system as her business model.  

Peachy Skin Bar Founder Crystal Lee
Peachy Skin Bar Founder Crystal Lee

Crystal’s inspiration for setting up Peachy Skin Bar was based on her own unpleasant experience with beauty salons in Singapore when she was going through a rough patch a couple years back. She found the beauticians she met with to be overly judgmental on her skin condition in order to up-sell her packages and the overall industry to be wanting in the area of customer experience.

While skincare memberships are not exactly new to the global beauty world, they are rather new to Singapore. Similar to a typical gym membership, customers would pay a fixed membership fee to enjoy treatments of their choice at discounted prices and no hidden-add ons.

This allows them to pick and choose the type of facial according to their skin needs, which typically varies across different visits. Think an ala carte menu of treatments that you can tick off with transparent members only pricing.

Crystal shared with us that they are also flexible with the utilisation of the membership. You are allowed to bring your family and friends along to enjoy the membership rate without them having to sign up as members.

With their #NoJudgment policy, Peachy Skin Bar’s beauticians are also trained never to attack customers’ flaws or pass insensitive comments on customers’ skin conditions.

The Experience

[Review] Peachy Skin Bar - Singapore's First Bespoke Membership Skin Bar - Alvinology

When we stepped into the premise, the first thing that struck us was how different the layout and decor was compared to the regular beauty salons. There is a wide reception area for customers to chat with the beauticians and even sip a glass of champagne or other drinks from their on-site mini fridge.

All Peachy Skin Bar treatments are met with a jam-packed routine. Crystal has thoughtfully designed every session, accompanying each facial with mini face, décolletage, and hand massages.

[Review] Peachy Skin Bar - Singapore's First Bespoke Membership Skin Bar - Alvinology

Treatments such as the Omakase facial which we experienced even include the usage of dermatology-grade skincare machines, with no hidden costs.

The premise has three treatment rooms, separated by peach coloured ceiling curtains. Everything is kept to the peach theme, including the sheets, towels and even the timer clock.

[Review] Peachy Skin Bar - Singapore's First Bespoke Membership Skin Bar - Alvinology

The unique selling proposition for Peachy Skin Bar other than their transparent pricing model has got to be their branding which focuses on customer experience. Crystal has taken a millennial spin to the conventional beauty salons and repackage it into a whole new experience to be talked about and shared on social media, beyond just the functional aspects. It elevates the brand from the realm of need to want.

In the menu, treatments are creatively named such as “Bad Romance” for a 60 minutes treatment to tackle a nasty pimple outbreak and “Runway Ready” for wrinkles and saggy skin.

Members pricing range from $150 for a 60 minutes treatment up to $250 for the 70 minutes signature Omakase.

A lifetime membership with Peachy Skin Bar entails a bonus programme, club discounts, access to their ‘Bar-tub’ for drinks, birthday perks and exclusive invites.

Peachy Skin Bar is conveniently located in Beach Road. Contact details are as below or you can walk-in for a no hard sell consultation session with their therapists on-site.

Peachy Skin Bar

Address: 371 Beach Road, #01-13, Citygate, Singapore 199597 [Permanently Closed]

New Address: 62A Queen Street, Bugis Village, Singapore 188541

Tel: +65 6970 4194 / 8892 3378

Email: [email protected]

Opening hours: 11am to 9pm daily

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