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CapitaLand pledges S$300,000 to The Courage Fund to help those affected by COVID-19 both in Singapore and China

CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF) has pledged S$300,000 to the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and Community Chest, contributing to The Courage Fund1 to support the vulnerable who are impacted by COVID-19 in Singapore. CapitaLand employees in Singapore will also be encouraged to donate to the fund.

The Courage Fund will assist patients, healthcare workers, and members of the community who need support. The Courage Fund will also be an avenue for members of the public to help the vulnerable and those impacted. The NCSS and Community Chest will facilitate and administer the fund.

CHF will also work with NCSS and Community Chest to identify opportunities for CapitaLand staff volunteers to further contribute their time and support these vulnerable groups.

The Group also introduces wide-ranging support measures to help Singapore retailers and shoppers tide through COVID-19 by offering new promotions, free parking space, and complimentary atrium spaces.

CapitaLand’s medical and healthcare relief efforts in China

CapitaLand’s pledge to The Courage Fund complements the Group’s assistance to the medical and healthcare relief efforts to fight against COVID-19 in China. Since the RMB10 million healthcare fund by CHF was set up on 27 January 2020, the fund has dispatched 40,000 surgical masks, 500 barrels of disinfectant, and 750 cartons containing 375,000 pairs of medical gloves to five hospitals in Wuhan, China.

Recently, 50 medical ventilators from Tianjin, China, were sent to Wuhan Union Hospital, The Central Hospital of Wuhan, and the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University. The medical ventilators offer respiratory support for affected patients.

CapitaLand’s RMB10 million healthcare fund is administered by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and is under the guidance of China’s National Health Commission and relevant authorities in Hubei Province.

The first phase of the healthcare fund will be disbursed to support immediate intervention such as the procurement of critical medical supplies for hospitals. Post-emergency, the fund will support nationwide healthcare and rehabilitation efforts.

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