If you’re hoping to travel Russia and see as much of this amazing country as possible, then think twice before you book flights. Traveling Russia by rail is a fantastic alternative. Not only is it typically cheaper than flying, it’s also extremely comfortable, convenient, and you get the option to see views that you’d miss out on from thirty thousand feet in the sky. Plus, when you travel by train there’s always the option to get off at stations that take your interest, and explore the area for a while before getting back on the next train.

So, why does traveling Russia by train beat taking a flight? Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons to choose the railway.


Russian Railways trains are generally comfortable, with more comfort and amenities depending on your choice of travel class when you travel by high-speed train from Moscow to St Petersburg.  Even in the lower class carriages, you will still have a comfortable seat, access to charging ports, and the option to purchase food and drinks on long journeys. And if you’re traveling a particularly long distance, many carriages on long-distance train routes are equipped with sleeping berths, keeping you comfortable throughout the night.

Ease of Ticket Purchase:

Buying tickets is a simple process when you travel Russia by train. There are a number of options available to you. If you’re on the go, you can easily purchase and access your tickets from the RZD website, or you can download the RZD app to your compatible smartphone.

Bookings open sixty days before the departure date, giving you plenty of time to choose your time and route and take advantage of the best prices. If you want to travel from Moscow to St Petersburg by Sapsan train it’s best to keep your travel date and time options open, as cheaper tickets tend to sell out quickly. You can always try and get on the train by speaking to the chief provodnitsa at the station, if a service is sold out.


Though flying might be the safest transportation mode in the world, traveling by Russian train is definitely a close second. Due to rapidly advancing technologies, the safety of the Russian Railway is improving every year, giving you complete peace of mind when you travel.

It’s Environmentally Friendly:

Mass transportation options like trains are having a positive impact on the environment. And as technology leads the Russian Railway into more and more advancement, eco-friendly options like electric and hybrid trains are becoming increasingly common. If you’re an ecologically conscious traveler, train journeys are definitely the better choice over flying. Choosing the Russian Rail means that you can do your bit to reduce carbon emissions.

You Get to Sightsee More:

During their journey to the final destination, most Russian trains will stop at major landmarks and destinations that you would not get to see if you were on a plane. Get a Russian Railways ticket that allows you to embark and disembark at any stop. That way, you can use your travel across Russia to maximize your experience and see many different sights along the way; perfect for spontaneous travelers who love to do new things on a whim.

It’s Family Oriented:

If you are traveling Russia with the kids, train journeys are the perfect way to go. It’s often easier to care for children when traveling by train and the comfortable carriages will keep all the family happy. Plus, there’s always the option to get off at a destination along the way and stretch your legs, which you’d never get when flying.

Book your rail journey and enjoy all the benefits of the Russian Railway!