[Review] New flagship Arlo Ultra 4K wireless camera system - Alvinology

[Review] New flagship Arlo Ultra 4K wireless camera system

Why get any old security camera when you can afford an Arlo Ultra 4K? The gold standard of security systems, Arlo is the the #1 internet connected camera brand in the United States and the Arlo Ultra 4K is their latest flagship product.

[Review] New flagship Arlo Ultra 4K wireless camera system - Alvinology

It is now available in Singapore nationwide at retailers such as Harvey Norman and Challenger, as well as online stores like Amazon. Featuring advanced 4K HDR video quality with color night vision, wire-free setup, a 180-degree diagonal field-of-view, an integrated spotlight and crystal-clear two-way audio with advanced noise cancellation, the Ultra is all you need for top-notch round-the-clock surveillance of your premise.

[Review] New flagship Arlo Ultra 4K wireless camera system - Alvinology
Arlo Ultra 2-camera system kit – unboxed

Pricing starts at S$1,199 for the 2-camera system which includes a one year subscription to Arlo Smart Premier (S$143.88 per annum), Arlo’s AI and computer vision powered service that delivers 30-day rolling storage of cloud recordings for non-4K videos for up to 10 cameras; personalised detection of people, vehicles, packages; alert features and more.

Enhanced details and clarity

Arlo Ultra captures and outputs 4K video quality which provide users with enhanced details and clarity. Users are able uncover details such as license plates and clothing when there is a need to zoom in on a subject or object.

You know those grainy, laggy or black-and-white security footage that are hard to decipher? Having an Arlo Ultra will fix this problem.

Expansive 180-degree diagonal field of view

Additionally, with an expansive 180-degree diagonal field of view, Arlo Ultra delivers one of the widest viewing angles in the wire-free security camera industry, providing more flexibility with the camera positioning.

[Review] New flagship Arlo Ultra 4K wireless camera system - Alvinology

This is a better solution than the fixed, fish-eye lens set-up which also gives you a 180-degree field of view, but with a distorted vision.

LED integrated spotlight for night vision

A powerful LED integrated spotlight illuminates the night, allowing users to see colour in the dark or traditional black and white night vision, depending on which option you prefer.

Two-way audio with advanced noise cancellation for clearer sound

Arlo Ultra also takes audio quality to the next level for clearer and more natural conversations. Designed with dual-microphones, Arlo Ultra delivers two-way audio with advanced noise cancellation that minimises background noises and accentuates foreground audio, such as voices.

Now you can clearly hear who said what and who threw the first insult when a dispute arises.

Accessible smart home surveillance system for home and small business owners

Arlo seeks to serve a gap in the security market. If you can’t afford to employ a security company or hire round-the-clock security staff, but yet do not want to resort to a cheap, mass-market and low quality security camera, the Arlo Ultra is the right camera for you.

[Review] New flagship Arlo Ultra 4K wireless camera system - Alvinology

The Arlo Ultra provides home and small business owners with a convenient system that not only delivers cutting-edge image and audio quality, but also AI and computer vision capabilities at a reasonable price tag (with all things considered).

The beauty of it all is really that the whole system is wireless, making the camera placement extremely versatile. You can tuck your Arlo Ultra camera into flower pots, stick them on any wall or any other configuration as you deem fit.

Here’s a good video review done by the folks at superadrianme:

Your smart home, powered by Arlo SmartHub

The Arlo SmartHub functions as the nucleus of a smart home.

[Review] New flagship Arlo Ultra 4K wireless camera system - Alvinology

Engineered with ArloRF, an Arlo proprietary two-way radio frequency technology, the SmartHub provides Arlo devices with extended battery life and long-range wireless coverage, enabling hassle-free communication between the SmartHub and Arlo devices.

Wire-free, water-resistant, beautiful yet functional design

Boasting a convenient wire-free setup and weather-resistant design, Arlo Ultra cameras can be installed nearly anywhere outdoors or indoors. It is not just beautiful to look at, it is functionally sound too.

[Review] New flagship Arlo Ultra 4K wireless camera system - Alvinology

Featuring a newly designed magnetic mount, Arlo Ultra enables easy mounting to ceilings, walls, eaves, or position on tables or counter surfaces. The mount snaps on easily and is surprisingly sturdy. It looks elegant too, without the need for an ugly swivel ball of sort.

Ultra is powered by a newly designed rechargeable battery and magnetic charging cable. Arlo Ultra also features a built-in siren that can be automatically triggered by motion, audio detection, or manually activated remotely from the Arlo app for added protection.

Pricing and subscriptions

As mentioned earlier, each Arlo Ultra system includes a free one-year Arlo Smart Premier subscription. The subscription service utilises AI and computer vision technology to deliver customised notifications regarding people, animal, vehicle and package detection.

Arlo Smart Premier also includes cloud recordings of video clips at 1080p or lower resolution for up to 30 days. Premium video recording for cloud storage of 4K clips is available as an add-on subscription, or users can store 4K clips locally at no added cost using the SmartHub’s microSD card slot.

You should factor in the yearly subscription fee for your long-term set-up and maintenance cost for the Arlo Ultra 4k surveillance system if you would like to continue storing your video clips on the cloud. Don’t forget that are more home security options available at txpremierlocksmith.com.

More details are available on Arlo’s official website.

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