Unedited photos taken with VIVO NEX 3 Flagship phone

Nowadays, high-end smartphones are pretty much used as substitutes for digital cameras and the photography features can make or break the sale of a flagship phone.

We tested Vivo’s latest flagship phone, the VIVO NEX 3, over a month period. Read our full review here.

To test out the camera features, we brought the phone along for different events and occasions ranging from a Boyz II Men concert to restaurants tastings to an open-top bus tour of Orchard Road by night to a day-out on board Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas cruise ship.

The results are pretty stunning. Here is a compilation of some of our shots.

Wide Angle Shots

I was able to capture the whole stage area with the wide-angle camera at x 0.6 zoom
Bumper car rink on a cruise ship
Deck pool on board Quantum of the Seas
Capturing the full spatial view of a shopping mall
Reverse shot of the performing stage in wide-angle at x 0.6 zoom
Capturing a tall Christmas tree and the front of a shopping mall in one wide-angle shot

Macro Shots

Check out the details captured for the top of a pepper grinder
Close-up of a pulled pork sandwich at Bedrock restaurant
Close-up of plastic flowers at Bedrock restaurant
An even closer shot
Salt and peper shaker – you can even see the specks of dust

Telephoto Shots

1 x zoom
2 x zoom
20 x zoom – you can see the words on the box!

Low Light Condition

Boyz II Men concert – night mode
Same concert venue, but shot in normal mode
Neon lighting
Neon back-light in low lighting
Night shot in moving traffic
Orchard night lights
Night shot in the street
Low lighting and back light


Portrait shot with depth-of-field
Sharp portrait of moving subject
Multiple subjects

Food Photography

Assorted Japanese food
Flat lay of fusion ramen
Dry ice and shabu pork
Crab Ravioli at Jamie’s Italian
Char Siew Rice at ABC Brickworks
Close-up of the roast meat to get all the grease
Japanese Grape Pork at Bedrock
Bread and water – love the depth-of-field here
Steak on a cruise ship – notice the depth-of-field

Blue Sky and Fluffy Clouds

The clouds are awesome!
The splashes are captured too
Right at the sun

Object Shots

Shiny Christmas decors
Toy figurines behind a glass case
Bright bumper cars with back lighting

To see more images taken with the Vivo Nex 3, check out our full Flickr Album here.

The Science Behind the Photography

The rear camera system for the Vivo Nex 3 consists of a main, 64-megapixel sensor, paired with a 13-megapixel telephoto and a 13-megapixel ultra-wide sensor to give you the best macro, telephoto and wide-angle shots. That’s the equivalent of three different kind of changeable lens that goes with a full DSLR camera kit, all tucked into a pocket-size piece of equipment. Neat.

I am not a big fan of selfies, but if you are into it, the features are pretty awesome too. The front-facing pop-up selfie camera has a 16-megapixel sensor and LED flash. For those who may be worried about the response time of the pop-up camera, we tested it multiple times and it is seamless.

Christmas GIVEAWAY with Alvinology

In the giving spirit of Christmas, we are also giving away one set of the Vivo Nex 3 in collaboration with Vivo Singapore! To win them be sure to follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram account for details.

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