The Best Exercises To Keep You Fit While Traveling

Consistency is essential when following your exercise routine. However, when you’re going on vacations and tours, it might be challenging to stick to your workout regimen. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay on the path of your fitness goal while you’re on a business trip or relaxing vacation.

Here are four of the best exercises to help you stay fit while you’re traveling.

1 – Ride Indoor Stationary Bicycles

The Best Exercises To Keep You Fit While Traveling - Alvinology

Many international hotels acknowledge fitness enthusiasts and their desires to stay fit while staying in another city or town. Indoor exercise bikes help individuals keep healthy while they’re not in their hometowns.

Riding indoor stationary bicycles help promote numerous health benefits, which may include:

  • Improving sleep
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lower stress levels
  • Improves immune system
  • Enhances mood

These exercise machines help boost cardiovascular levels. So, it may also aid in improving overall fitness while helping you lose weight and body fat.

However, don’t get complacent because you might think that you’re only sitting on a bike while moving your legs. Exercise proper form, so you don’t develop muscle fatigue or injury.

2 – Squats

Squatting is an exercise that you can do almost anywhere. You don’t need any extra equipment to do this exercise unless you want to increase the challenge by adding weights. Nonetheless, several benefits may be in store for you once you add squats to your daily fitness routine.

These are the benefits of squats:

  • First, squats may help improve balance and mobility. The motion helps develop your leg strength, which allows you to stay mobile even as you grow older.
  • Squatting with a proper form also target different areas of the body, including your core and stabilizing muscles.
  • Squats may also help improve your ability to walk, run, and jump.
  • Squats also improve the lower parts of your body, which may help you do better in certain sports, like basketball and tennis.

Aim for doing two sets of 10 to 20 repetitions of squats. You can even do it in your hotel room after you wake up in the morning.

3 – Push-ups

If you want to build upper body strength during your travels, then push-ups might be the solution. Push-ups help build the muscles on your chest, arms, and shoulders. The proper push-up form may also help strengthen the core and lower back.

You may also do this exercise during your travels or at home. Still, make sure you have ample room to stretch your legs. Doing push-ups on a soft bed may not be ideal, as you might not achieve a proper form.

But, if you’re a fan of doing push-ups to work on your core, shoulders, arms, and back, then you might not feel challenged after a while. Many individuals may think that they plateau faster if they continuously do push-ups during their regular exercise routines.

Hence, it might be advisable to alternate between days if you plan on doing push-ups regularly. Again, make sure to follow a proper form so you can make the most out of this exercise.

4 – Planking

The Best Exercises To Keep You Fit While Traveling - Alvinology

Don’t confuse this exercise with the Lying Down Game that became famous years ago. The planking exercise may become your favorite as it can be an effective workout to help improve your core and overall fitness.

Planking may help in building stability and strength for the entire body. You can achieve this exercise using different variations. However, you might consider following the standard planking position in which you need to maintain your body perpendicular to the ground. Also, your stomach should face down while you keep your torso and pelvis from the ground. Maintain this position for as long as you can.

You should find yourself in an extended push-up pose. However, you’re not moving up-and-down. It might sound less strenuous than standard push-ups, but it’s really a challenging exercise. The strain you feel might help improve your fitness levels, especially for your core.

Planks may also be a popular exercise for specific sports. For example, boxers may do planks to build their core strength to resist the pain coming from their opponents’ punches.


Don’t think you can’t maintain your fitness routine during your travels. You can do many exercises while you’re in your hotel room. Conversely, consider staying in a hotel with a gym. You may also search for nearby parks and jogging lanes if you want to run or jog while you’re staying in another city.

This article is contributed by Natalie Johnson.

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