Getting from point A to point B in a car is a thing of the past. Not only is it hectic and bad for the environment, but it also means that you’re stuck in traffic for miles and must pay ridiculous prices for gas.

But if you’re not using a car, how are you going to get around? Well, there are plenty of alternatives to gas-guzzling vehicles.

If you’ll look briefly at the three options, you’ll notice that they are all electric powered. This is because electricity is extremely efficient and great for the environment when compared to gasoline. The best part of electric transportation is that they are easy to maintain. Let’s go over the different electric options so that you can decide which works best for you.

1. Electric Skateboards/Longboards

An electric skateboard/longboard is great if you have a short commute to work. If you live in the city and your job is a couple of blocks away, consider getting one of these. There are a lot of benefits to having an electric skateboard/longboard. They are easy to transport when you’re not using them. They do not require much power to keep the battery charged either. They last a long time after one charge.

Of course, they aren’t perfect. But the benefits far outweigh the downsides. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is going long distances. You also need to make sure that you are staying safe on the roads, so wear a helmet and knee/elbow pads.

For a more in depth look at electric skateboards/longboards, check out some electric skateboard reviews. Then you can decide for yourself whether or not to buy.

2. Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are increasing in popularity every day. They are easy to learn how to handle, don’t require a lot of space to store, and have long-lasting batteries that don’t need to be charged often. The best part of electric scooters is that they can weave in and out of traffic, so they aren’t susceptible to being stuck in jams like cars are.

These are good if your work is farther away from your home. They can go the distance needed. You can also easily store them because they take up half the space of cars.

Of course, you should look over reviews and videos yourself before making a decision. Look at your lifestyle and see if an electric scooter would work for you.

3. Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are extremely popular in countries like China and Denmark. They offer a motored option to an already beloved mode of transportation. These bikes allow you to use the motor or use the manual pedals. That way you can control how your motor is used. An electric bike is amazing whether you’re going long distances or short distances. For long distances, you can turn on the motor and go flying. For shorter distances, you can enjoy a leisurely ride using the pedals.

The best part of electric bikes is their easy storage (do you see the pattern yet). You can lock them up on a bike rack or bring them into your home. Either way, thieves will be less likely to steal an electric bike because of the necessity of a key for the motor. If you’d like to learn more about this amazing bikes, start off by checking out this Black Folding Electric Bike!

What Wheels Will You Choose?

Obviously, the three options listed here are not the only ways that you can get around. But they are three of the coolest ways. Make sure that you keep in mind how you’ll be using transportation before deciding. It doesn’t hurt to also look at the weather.