IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) is celebrating the more than 100 Hotel Indigo properties around the world with the launch of a shoppable hotel room that allows anyone to buy direct from the best artists and craftspeople from around the world, in one place, on social media.

Inspiring us to be more curious and explore the stories of neighbourhoods we have yet to experience, Shop the Neighbourhood, with Hotel Indigo shines a spotlight on the local neighbourhood stories that inspire the distinctive designs of each property.

Curated artisans and local makers are featured in the shoppable room, including hand-selected items from:

Gladys Tamez (Hotel Indigo Los Angeles – Downtown)

Trabi Safari (Hotel Indigo Berlin – East Side Gallery)

Hilary Grant (Hotel Indigo Dundee)

Les-Ottomans Home Design (Hotel Indigo Venice Sant’Elena)

Lee Quiñones (Hotel Indigo Lower East Side New York)

Muzen radio (Hotel Indigo – Bangkok Wireless Road)

With the boutique sector currently placed as the second-fastest growing in the industry, Hotel Indigo is perfectly placed to cater to the demand – providing guests with the best of both worlds, the promise of design-led hotels and locally inspired food and beverage coupled with the guarantee of a consistent upscale experience.

Shop the Neighbourhood, with Hotel Indigo right in the heart of Southeast Asia at Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road, where tradition and modernism. All proceeds from items sold will go back to the participating local artisans to keep their stories alive as Hotel Indigo continues to work in expanding into exciting new markets, with the upcoming Hotel Indigo Saigon set to open in 2020.

As Hotel Indigo continues to expand into 10 new countries, including Peru, Australia, UAE (Dubai), New Zealand, India, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam, the brand will continue to adapt its leading standards to each market, respectfully working with locals.