In conjunction with the upcoming theatrical release of the live-action remake of Disney’s The Lion King in Singapore cinemas on 18 July 2019, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari launched a Circle of Life Festival, a celebration of creatures big and small, and the important roles they play in maintaining the health of the ecosystem.

Experience Lion King in Real Life

Now you and your little ones can experience Disney’s The Lion King in real-life and even take a photo on a prop cliff that looks exactly like the iconic Pride Rock in the movie that heralds the birth of Simba:

Guests can see and learn about the real life inspirations behind beloved characters from Disney’s The Lion King and participate in a host of activities in both parks from 1 June to 31 August 2019.

The heart of the Circle of Life Festival is captured in a savannah themed moving tram with musical performers setting off from Singapore Zoo’s Wild Africa Zone:

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Real life melds with reel life as the procession makes its way past animals such as the meerkat, mandrill and lion, the real life inspiration behind Disney characters Timon, Rafiki and Simba.

Along the way, visitors can catch photo points that call back to iconic settings of the movie such as Pride Rock while performers dazzle with a musical piece depicting a lion’s life journey.

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Zoolympix and Animal Pins

In addition, Zoolympix, Singapore Zoo’s signature school holiday activity returns for its 15th instalment of family fun, fittingly themed around the Circle of Life.

Families can embark on a self-guided trail to complete challenges, learning about the ecological roles of animals of all sizes from the tall giraffes to the tiny invertebrates and earn exclusive animal pins to boot.

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Circle of Life Wildlife Tour

For more real live animal excitement, guests can also sign up for the Circle of Life wildlife tour and create lasting memories with interactive wildlife experiences with animals from the African plains.

Participants will get the rare opportunity to feed the white rhinoceros, meerkats and cheetahs. To complete the experience, they can watch a full-grown lion demonstrate its strength while using its pull force.

These were the ultimate highlight for us during the media preview for the Circles of Life Festival. Below is a preview of some of the cool experiences:

Rhino feeding

Rhino feeding

The rhinos are fed honeydew slices in case you are wondering

A baby rhino running off after enjoying its share of honeydew slices

Cheetah feeding

The cheetah resting

Feeding a giraffe

The carrots which are used to feed the giraffes

Adults can join in too

Can you guess what is being fed to the meerkats?


You throw the worms over to them this way

Meerkats scrambling to get the worms

The last stop was to witness the lion feeding

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Programmes and Activities

More information about the Circle of Life Festival is available via the official website – include details on promotional deals for citizens and other offers.

If you are looking for some fun yet educational activities to keep your little ones occupied during the June school holiday, do check out the Circle of Life Festival at the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari!