Grab announces it is rolling out a refreshed driver app with the aim to help driver-partners earn more and save more. Designed with feedback from Grab’s driver-partners, the redesigned driver app does more for drivers, whether it’s helping them achieve higher earnings and greater savings, or by offering a more stress-free and rewarding on-the-job experience.

The updated app will feature four key components:

Discover hub

Allows drivers to find new earnings opportunities outside of driving. For example, Grab driver-partners in Singapore can choose to earn additional income through GrabAds, whether by using their cars as a mobile billboard or through in-car engagements. It also gives drivers easy access to GrabBenefits and features a feed which surfaces information such as heat maps and events taking place nearby to help drivers earn more through driving.

As Grab continues to expand its ecosystem with more services, Grab will bring a wider array of earning opportunities to its driver-partners, all accessible through the Discover hub.


With the new GrabBenefits section, drivers can now easily browse and redeem discounts, deals and rewards exclusive to them, all through the Grab app.

Driver-partners in Singapore will find offers such as up to 30% fuel discounts, mobile phone plan discounts, healthcare and dental benefits, and more. With Grab bringing in more and more offers through its growing partnership ecosystem, Grab driver-partners can look forward to greater monthly savings through GrabBenefits.

Earnings Overview

The enhanced Earnings Overview tab gives drivers greater clarity and better insights into their earnings. They can view their daily and weekly earnings, with a detailed breakdown that shows income from fares, incentives and tips, and deductions for commissions.

Driver Profile

A profile page to enhance drivers’ experience by celebrating their achievements and provide information to help them make the most of the feedback from their passengers. Drivers can see the compliment badges and positive feedback they’ve earned from their customers, a more detailed breakdown of their rating, and areas of improvement.

Beyond the upgraded driver app, Grab has rolled out several significant enhancements for its driver-partners this year, including:

  • A driver safety toolkit that allows drivers to share their live location plus an alert button that will connect them with a security company in cases of emergency.
  • Tipping function that allows drivers to be rewarded for great service provided.
  • Automated ERP input so drivers no longer need to worry about keying in ERP charges.
  • Prolonged Medical Leave Insurance that covers eligible driver-partners under the Emerald Circle program for lost earnings due to illness and injuries.

The new features are being rolled out in stages to all Grab driver-partners across Southeast Asia.

Selected driver-partners in Singapore today already have access to Discover Hub and GrabBenefits and will be rolled out to all drivers in Singapore progressively. They will also enjoy the new enhanced earnings overview and driver profile in the coming months.