Kiztopia - Here’s everything you need to know about Singapore’s biggest indoor “edutainment” playground - Alvinology

Kiztopia – Here’s everything you need to know about Singapore’s biggest indoor “edutainment” playground

Kiztopia – Singapore’s latest and largest edutainment playground that is housed in a shopping mall. With its motto ‘Play to Learn, Learn through Play’, the park aims to help children aged 12 years and below develop new skills while having a ball of a time.

Spanning 18,000 square feet in Marina Square, the park comes with a cast of 11 original animated characters and 18 play zones, including a café, that is each curated with specific learning objectives to develop their personalities and various skill sets.

To provide a one-stop holistic eco-system for children, the play haven has also developed an extensive range of educational programmes and activities– so that the Little Einsteins could learn through a multi-sensory, play-based approach that is curated by a team of professional trainers.

How to get there

  • Pick-up/drop-off point at Level 1 along Raffles Boulevard.
  • City Hall MRT Station, Esplanade MRT Station, Promenade MRT Station
  • 1N, 2N, 3N, 4N, 5N, 6N, 36, 36A, 36B, 56, 70M, 75, 77, 97, 97E, 106, 111, 133, 162M, 171, 195, 195A, 531, 700A, 857, 960, 961C, NR1, NR2, NR5, NR6, NR7, NR8

Age range: Children aged 12 years and below
Official opening: 15 June 2019
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday (10 AM to 9 PM); Friday and Saturday (10 AM to 10 PM)
Venue: Marine Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Level 1, 01-09, Singapore 039594
Area: 18,000 Square Feet (400 families at any one time)

Intellectual Property (IP) Registered characters

Kiztopia - Here’s everything you need to know about Singapore’s biggest indoor “edutainment” playground - Alvinology

Dr Chen.  Meet the friendly Dr Chen, principal of Kiztopia. He is gentle, caring and thoughtful, often looking out for his Kiztopia family. With a ton of hilarious jokes up his sleeve, he will make you laugh until your belly hurts. Try spotting Dr Chen at the Starlite and Starbrite zones!

Mark the monkey. Mark is an all-rounded inventor who can build and create things in a jiffy. Extremely playful and mischievous, Mark loves to tease his friends. He is a risk-taker and even built a rocket on his own for space travel. Explore space with Mark at the Alley-Oop AR Basketball zone.

Chichi the chick. Chichi is an artist full of imagination and has a magic brush that can make her drawings come to life. She loves sharing her artistic views with the group but enjoys hanging out with Pio the most. Unleash your creativity at the art room with Chi Chi!

Tiger. Tiger is brave and dependable and is always standing up for his friends with his strong sense of justice. He has the strength of Hercules, and water is almost his only nemesis. He is always found sweating it out with his best friend Eli at either the Bouncy Tiger (the Bouncy Castles play zone) or practising Taekwondo.

Raby the rabbit. Raby is a kind-hearted Nurse that helms Raby’s Mart and Raby Pit. With a cute voice and a caring heart, Raby is often sought out to heal your injuries. Well-liked by everyone, she is best friends with Mark, Tina and Honey.

Bell the bear. Bell is Kiztopia’s well-known gourmand who not only enjoys eating but also cooking and baking cakes (especially strawberry flavoured ones). He heads the kitchen at Bell’s Pantry, Kiztopia’s very own café, and is loved by everyone for his warmth, kindness and friendliness. His best friend is Tiger and enjoys doing role-play at the Bell’s Cruising room.

Pepe the pig. An inquisitive reporter full of curiosity, Pepe dislikes lies and enjoys travelling. A click of his magic camera allows him to stop time so that he can be the first to arrive at the scene of exclusive news. Keep an eye out for Pepe when at the Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course.

Tina the turtle. An international fashionista, Tina enjoys dressing up and wearing cool clothes. She loves her single eyelash drawn to life by Chi Chi and has a magical shell that can grant her friends’ wishes. Try out this season’s newest outfits with Tina at the Tina’s Snip Cosplay Room.

Pio the penguin. Pio is a popular golf star, who is always surrounded by his friends and fans alike. He strives for flawlessness and prides himself on his attention to detail. He heads Pio’s Drift (the driving school) and is armed with a secret ability to use his mind to transport himself everywhere.

Honey the bee. Honey makes a name for herself with her melodious voice that is sweet enough to lull her friends to sleep. Often found practising singing in the Honey Notes Music Room, Honey hopes to realise her dream of becoming a singer one day.

Eli the elephant. Despite his size, Eli is surprisingly nimble and agile. A city boy (of Kiztopia) at heart, he dislikes slowness and enjoys keeping his spirits up by participating in racing competitions at Chug Eli (the train ride section). P.S. Eli has never lost a race once.

Play Areas

Kiztopia - Here’s everything you need to know about Singapore’s biggest indoor “edutainment” playground - Alvinology

Alley Oop Mark. An AR Basketball Studio specially designed for the mini ones! Projected onto a wall, children can just pick up a mini ball, take aim at the hoop and throw the ball in!

AR Wall. Create mini explosions or fireworks when they pick up a mini ball and throw it at the animal or object that is projected on the wall!

Bell’s Cuisine. From stoves to bread makers, Bell’s Cuisine has everything your little chefs need to cook up a storm.

Bouncy Tiger. Let your little ones bounce to their heart’s content with the bouncy castles.

Chichi’s Art. Get your little artists to draw on interactive screens, and they will pop up on the AR screen display on the wall.

Chug Eli. Have your little ones hop on board the Chug Eli train for a fun-filled journey, that makes for a great photo opportunity too.

Cosmic Space. Made up of five sets of slides and other climbing concepts, Cosmic Space will satisfy the adventurous spirts of your little ones.

Hero Square. Watch a show, catch mascots, and participate in activities at Hero Square, where the Central Stage is.

Honey Notes. Honey Notes is where you could pump up your little musicians’ creativity juices. With AR, all you need to do is tap on the instrument projected on the screen to make it play.

Mojo Zone. Let your children get onto any of the two giant slides, glide through the slide and find themselves dropping into a ball pit at the end of the ride.

Ninja Warrior. Ninja Warrior features unique obstacle courses that allow young children to develop their confidence, perseverance, agility and even stamina. Fit for all young adventurers and ninja-wannabes.

Pepe’s Ball / Sprite. Every toddler’s favourite play area – the BALL PIT! They can choose to jump into the pool of balls or slide their way in for hours of delightful fun!

Pio’s Drift. Let these little drivers hop onto mini cars at Pio’s Drift and enjoy a drive on the “roads”! And when they run out of gas, the “petrol station” will just be right around the corner!

Raby’s Mart. Just like a real supermarket, little shoppers can grab a shopping cart and leisurely stroll through aisles of well-stocked shelves filled with groceries such as fruits, vegetables, and more! Once done, they can head over to the check-out counter to finish their shopping spree. Children can choose to be shoppers, cashiers, or even help in re-stocking the shelves.

Raby Pit. Let your toddler’s imagination run wild at Raby’s Pit, where they can dig, play, build their own sandcastles or even roll around on the sand, be it rain or shine.

Tina’s Snip. Tina Snips is a play salon for children who loves to play dress up and show off their creative flair.

Trampio. Features 3 trampolines for children to express themselves with their jumps.

Pricing Information

Kiztopia - Here’s everything you need to know about Singapore’s biggest indoor “edutainment” playground - Alvinology

To book Kiztopia’s event space, please contact Kiztopia at [email protected].

Parents looking to provide their little ones with an educational yet fun-filled adventure can do so at Kiztopia. Visit here for more info.

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