Short haircuts for men are most preferred hairstyles thanks to their edgy look and practicability. Besides they are easiest to maintain.

Stylish Hairstyles and Charming Short Haircuts for Men

While often liked for their beautiful appearance and practicability, short haircuts for men are always the safest option for men. For instance, a cropped cut makes an excellent choice for fashion-enthusiasts who want to look unique while looking composed and sleek. From cool pompadour to sharp crew haircuts, nowadays there is unlimited on-trend and stylish short styles for men.

Nevertheless, with so many alternatives at your disposal, comes the challenge when choosing the most appropriate one for you. Fortunately, we understand your predicaments, and we will guide you to select the best styles much easier. Here is our best-picked hairstyles and haircuts for men you should think about in 2019. Take a look.

1. Blowout Haircut with Tapered Sides.

While choosing the blowout hairstyle, create a style that looks relaxed and modern, pairing it with tapered sides that keep the entire look smart and sharp.

2. Bowl Cut.

The standard 1980’s bowl cut is back and this time more enhanced than ever. The modern undercut haircut looks edgy, and you can wear it either neatly brushed or style it a little bit dishevelled.

3. Bowl Haircut and Side Swept Bangs.

For a more modern take on regular bowl haircut, try complementing it with side-swept bangs. The combo also tends to be super flattering as compared to the vintage look, which incorporates a horizontal fringe. It is one of the most preferred short haircuts for men.

4. Classic Pompadour.

It with no doubt that pompadour is one of the most popular haircuts for men at the moment. These haircuts never get out of the styling niche and have won the hearts of many stylish gents. Though this look became popular in the late 1950s, it still looks cool and modern in 2019.

5. Short Comb Over.

The comb over haircuts have for many years been the best choice for men thanks to their refined and polished look. The haircut is specifically great for gents with fine hair and wants a style that will give some volume to their thin hair.

6. Slicked Back Undercut.

This short haircut for many may not be so appropriate for office men, but it is the best choice for men who like spending most of their days outdoors.

7. Undercut Style.

An undercut is among the most common short haircuts for men in 2019. The look incorporates long length on the crown that makes it very versatile. You can style the haircut into whatever style you want from slicked back to pompadour style.

8. Waves and Short Sides.

Choosing the short sides creates a style that looks clean and tidy while allowing enough lengths and wavy hair on top that gives your style a polished and hassle-free vibe.

9. Caesar Cut.

As the name suggests, these glamorous short haircuts for men derive their name from Julius Caesar of the Roman empire. Caesar haircuts are ideal for men who are looking for styles with a sharp edge.

10. Short Curly Quiff.

If you have naturally curly hair, you should opt for quiff style to showcase your natural curls that promote your hair texture and volume.

11. Short Dishevelled Undercut.

The dishevelled also called disconnected undercut is a short haircut for men which incorporates short sides which are then contrasted with an extended top. The cut is chic, edgy and ridiculously stylish.

12. Faux Hawk.

A faux hawk haircut can reveal an edgy and glam look without appearing as intense as the old Mohawk.

13. Flat Top.

A flat top is a unique look thanks to the horizontal shaving of the hair and the upright style. It is a sure-fire style to make any man with short hair stand out from the crowd. You cannot miss to try this haircut in 2019!

14. Modem Mohawk.

While the vintage Mohawk style is spiked and sharp, the modern take of this haircut is brushed back and polished for a relaxed and understated look.

15. Short Haircut with Messy Bangs.

Maintain your short hair looking stylish and fresh with the inclusion of some jagged bangs.