Come 17 August 2018, sushi lovers in Singapore have more reasons to rejoice! Genki Sushi, the value-for-money sushi chain brand, will open its sixth outlet in Singapore at Junction 8, a popular heartland shopping mall located in the centre of Bishan.

At the Junction 8 outlet, customers can enjoy a value-for-money Japanese dining experience that will leave them craving for more. This outlet, together with the rest of its outlets across Singapore, will feature Genki Sushi’s updated menu which was launched on 13 August 2018.

This updated menu features new additions to its signature collection, notably known as the Dai Man Zoku (大满足) Vol. 2. Dai Man Zoku (大满足) sushi is renowned for being approximately 1.5 times larger than a normal sushi. Customers can savour larger sushi and achieve maximum satisfaction with such affordable and quality sushi. Some of the new food offerings in the signature menu include jumbo crabstick mentaiyaki and jumbo ebi fry.

Genki Sushi has been around in Singapore for a few years. True to its innovation legacy since historic times in Japan, Genki Sushi pioneered the “Kousoku Express” train system andSingapore was the first brand outside of Japan to adopt the system. Genki Sushi Kousoku Express, designed after the Japanese Shinkansen bullet trains, promises customers freshness in its food as they get delivered straight from the kitchen to the customers.

The launch of the sixth Genki Sushi Singapore outlet also marks the start of the brand’saggressive expansion plans to triple its number of outlets in Singapore by 2023.

Genki Sushi prides itself on using quality ingredients, imported from Japan, into its sushi.With its mildly sweet taste, Genki Sushi’s shoyu (soy sauce) pairs wonderfully with the fragrant and premium-quality shari (rice). Customers can also taste the fragrance of the sushi rice due to the use of su (sushi vinegar) which is perfectly created to suit the local palates of Singaporeans. Through this, Genki Sushi customers get to enjoy the real deal even while they are in Singapore.

In celebration of its sixth outlet opening in Singapore, Genki Sushi will be giving out 100 sets of 5-piece sushi on its grand opening day, from 11 am – 11:30 am, on the 17th August 2018, at Junction 8 #01-22/30. Grab them now before they are gone!

For more information on Genki Sushi website and its latest promotions, visit Genki Sushi website ( or Genki Sushi social channels (Facebook &Instagram).


Friday, 17 August 2018 1130am to 10pm


1130am to 10pm


9, Bishan Place, Junction 8, #01-22/30, Singapore, 579837


A 2-minute walk from Bishan MRT Station