This year, JOHNSON’S celebrates 125 years of being trusted by families to provide the purest, gentlest and highest quality care for babies and children.

With the vision of creating a world where every child can thrive, JOHNSON’S Singapore is pleased to announce the launch of ‘Social Snaps That Help’ campaign – in collaboration with KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH).

The campaign, which will run from the end of June through August 2018, will aid beneficiaries of the KKH Health Fund through the ‘donation’ of pictures on Instagram to raise money.

 ‘Social Snaps That Help’ Campaign – Donate A Photo

Countless small actions added up have the potential to create a significant difference. JOHNSON’S wants to turn a simple act of sharing a photo into an impactful way to do good.

To achieve this, JOHNSON’S® is teaming up with KKH, which is also celebrating 160 years of heritage in shaping women’s and children’s health.

Singaporeans can simply share a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #BetterWorldForBabies. The photo may be anything, from a picture with family members, to something that motivates people to do good.

For every photo shared, JOHNSON’S will donate SGD 1 to the KKH Health Fund to help needy patients who are in need of financial assistance for their medical treatments as well as to support education, research and disease prevention programmes targeted at women’s and children’s health in Singapore.

With the ‘Social Snaps That Help’ campaign, JOHNSON’S and KKH want to give back to these families with an end goal of raising a maximum of SGD $20,000.

‘Social Snaps That Help’ turns the sharing of an Instagram photo into a meaningful way to give back to Singaporeans in need. The public can feel confident that their photo is contributing to a worthwhile cause that will directly impact the lives of KKH Beneficiaries.

Through its partnership with KKH and the ‘Social Snaps That Help’ campaign, JOHNSON’S will continue to build upon its brand promise to develop products that are safe and effective, to nurture happy and healthy babies, while making these products accessible to those in need.

For more details on the ‘Social Snaps That Help’ campaign, click here to find out more.