Durian, colloquially known as the King of Fruits, can be found in a variety of sweet and savoury dishes like Durian Puffs, Durian Pizza, and even Durian Hotpot! Now, Hi Tea Singapore, a homegrown fruit tea brand, has created the D24 Premium Durian Jasmine Tea (priced at $6.80), the first of its kind in the world, is available from 27 May 2018 at their newest Northpoint City address.

You may wonder, what’s in the D24 Premium Durian Jasmine Tea? Each cup is blended with Durian flesh and cold-brewed Jasmine Tea and is then topped with a layer of rich and fragrant Durian Cream, a Hi Tea secret recipe.  The end result: a cacophony of flavours in a cup.  The cold brewed Jasmine Tea is a subtle floral counterpoint to the creamy sweetness of the Durian.

How to enjoy the drink?

Savour the D24 Premium Durian Jasmine Tea as recommended by the Hi Tea team.

Firstly, drink directly from the cup to get that first mouthful of delicious Durian Cream. The sweet-salty notes of the Durian Cream lend an extra dimension of flavour to the sweetness of the Durian.

Secondly, drink from the straw to reach the jasmine tea, which has been blended with Durian. The powerful Durian flavours give way to the delicate sweetness of the jasmine tea, which presents itself at the back of the throat, providing an aromatic aftertaste. Once at the middle of the drink, stir the drink through to get a more full-bodied flavour, the perfect balance of the Durian and Jasmine.

In addition to the D24 Premium Durian Jasmine Tea, Hi Tea has also created an Avocado Oolong Tea, which is a favourite fruit smoothie amongst Singaporeans too.

Launch of the D24 Premium Durian Jasmine Tea

The D24 Premium Durian Jasmine Tea will be launched together with the opening of Hi Tea’s second outlet located at Northpoint City, South Wing, #01-27, from 27th May 2018 onwards. Look out for the opening promotion, one free Tea with every purchase of one D24 Premium Durian Jasmine Tea. This promotion will last from 27th May to 3rd June 2018.  The D24 Premium Jasmine Tea and the corresponding promotion is available at the Far East Plaza outlet as well.

Operating Hours
Far East Plaza:
Weekdays – 11:45 AM – 10 PM
Weekends – 11:45 AM – 10:30 PM
Northpoint City:

Daily from 11.00am to 10.00pm

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