Designs by artists with special needs to be used on SIA's in-flight products - Alvinology

Designs by artists with special needs to be used on SIA’s in-flight products

SG Enable, Singapore Airlines (SIA) and the Autism Resource Centre (ARC) announced (on 24 May) their partnership to feature designs by artists with special needs on SIA’s in-flight products, starting with snack boxes to be launched in June 2018. The three organisations signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the Enabling Village today to formalise this partnership.

 This collaboration is the first initiative of SG Enable’s “i’mable” campaign. “i’mable” aims to create a marketplace for curated quality goods and products by persons with disabilities. This helps to develop more work opportunities and a steady income stream for special needs artists and makers. It is also the first such initiative by SIA with the disability sector in Singapore, and will see the artwork of artists with special needs travel on SIA’s extensive network, promoting the abilities and inclusion of persons with disabilities on a global platform.

The first of such products – snack boxes containing refreshments for Economy Class customers – will feature artwork by artists with autism from the Artist Development Programme (ADP). The ADP is an initiative under Pathlight School, which is a programme under ARC. SIA customers can also look forward to more in-flight products featuring artworks from these talents in time to come.

Designs by artists with special needs to be used on SIA's in-flight products - Alvinology
Together with his mother Mrs Yap, Aaron Yap, 22, an artist with autism from Autism Resource Centre’s Artist Development Programme, showcased the first artwork which will be on Singapore Airlines in-flight snack box.

The first artwork used on in-flight snack boxes will be “Local Food” by ADP artist Aaron Yap. It features local delicacies such as satay, claypot rice and kueh lapis. Through information on the snack box, the public can learn how to play a part in promoting inclusiveness in fun ways, such as by shopping for products that feature the artworks of artists with autism or visiting the Enabling Village, an inclusive community space in Singapore.

The partnership between SG Enable, SIA and ARC is a strong statement on inclusion, and pools together different resources and areas of expertise from different partners to create greater impact. Ms Ku Geok Boon, Chief Executive Officer, SG Enable, said: “This ground-up collaboration with SIA and ARC shows how corporates can work with the disability sector to achieve greater social impact.”

Designs by artists with special needs to be used on SIA's in-flight products - Alvinology
Signing of Memorandum of Understanding by SG Enable, Singapore Airlines and Autism Resource Centre at Enabling Village, May 24, 2018.

Further Opportunities for Collaboration

And it does not end here. SG Enable – through its “i’mable” campaign – and SIA are looking for opportunities to work with other like-minded partners to showcase the talents and abilities of persons with disabilities.

Singapore Airlines will also launch KrisShop Cares on its online retail platform. Aimed at giving back to the community and supporting those in need, KrisShop Cares will feature curated products and artworks from partner communities, and net proceeds will go to the respective partners to continue supporting their cause and artists. 

ARC is the first partner on board KrisShop Cares, to celebrate the abilities of persons with special needs. KrisShop will carry a selected range of merchandise designed by artists from the ADP, including an exclusive series of products incorporating the “Roaring Merlion” by ADP artist Gavin Rodringuez. Passengers travelling on SIA flights will also be able to see the products displayed at SIA lounges.  

Photo Credits to SG Enable

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