The Starbucks Mango Mango Frappuccino is here

Quench your thirst and treat yourself to a burst of flavors with the newly- launched Starbucks® Mango Mango Frappuccino – a refreshing triple mango invasion that’s bursting with distinctive honey and citrusy notes of Alphonso mango.

The drink starts off with a layer of chunky mango jelly before a blend of aromatic mango juice, milk and ice are added to the mix. More mango sauce is added to the drink before it is complete with a swirl of whipped cream. Available from today for a limited time only!

Originating from India, the Alphonso Mango is renowned for its unique aroma and was thoughtfully chosen to enhance the multisensory appeal of the Mango Mango Frappuccino – your favorite taste of summer in a cup.

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