7 Freshest Family Activities You Never Thought Of

The smog of the city can get a little suffocating, and work might be getting in the way of quality family time. But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Stay fresh and be rejuvenated for your next work/study day with these novel family-friendly activities!

1. Visiting countryside at Kranji – Experience the bucolic life

Normally, you would not relate Singapore, a concrete jungle with pockets of greens, to Arcadia. But you can still find some of this lost sylvan charm at Kranji. Known as Singapore’s countryside, escape from the concrete walls and glass offices to this rustic jungle. From frog farms to goat farms, kick off your shoes with your family and untether yourselves from heavy burdens of work – right here at Kranji’s doorstep.

2. Set up a green balcony at home: Sustainable ingredients

Kranji is not the only farmland in Singapore. Did you know you could grow your own home farm? Turn your urban balcony into a green one with bountiful blooms of edible plants. With hydroponics, you can grow mint, kale, tomatoes, and even passionfruit!

Imagine never having to grocery shop for vegetables ever again. Plus, they are organic! Get your kids to join in the fun and let them experience the gratification one can get from growing their own produce. 

3. Easy recipes your kids can whip up in the kitchen

Get the kids to wash freshly plucked herbs (from your own green balcony) and a tantalising plate of ravioli can be prepared with some ground up meat. Or perhaps you could dice up some tomatoes and onions, shred some chicken, and get your kids to assemble their own quesadillas!

Click here for more simple recipes that the whole family can prepare together.

4. Botanic Gardens: Nature photography

A trip to the Botanic Gardens might seem a little passé. One way to spice things up is by getting the whole family to snap photos as you go. Throw in a little healthy competition (you know, upload a snap on Instagram and see who gets the most double taps) to keep things exciting – even for the adults. Photography lets you focus and zoom in on the beauty of nature. Slow down your steps and smell the roses, literally!

5. Farm stays in Singapore

If you are looking for a staycation in Singapore, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, there are several farm stay destinations you can explore with your family. D’Kranji Farm Resort and Gardenesia let you experience the rural side of Singapore at Kranji. And at Punggol Ranch Resort, you can enjoy activities like archery and horseback-riding in a rustic ambience.

6. Harvest your own oyster mushrooms

Who says farming has to involve only fruits and vegetables? You can grow your own fungi as well. Have a tour around Mycofarm, which is Singapore’s only specialised mushroom farm, and learn about how mushrooms are grown and harvested. For the parents, you can try their house brewed Black Leopard Shiitake beer or stout. If you are feeling inspired, get your own grow-your-own-mushrooms kit and grow your own oyster mushrooms at home!

7. Farmart: Feed the farm animals and get fresh eggs

Off to the side of Choa Chu Kang lies Farmart Centre. The petting zoo there is perfect for the young ones and animal lovers. You can feed the goats and even get fresh eggs from the farm. Sign up for a tour by Uncle William and hear all about quail farming and what it is like being a farmer in Singapore. It is, admittedly, an unconventional occupation in Singapore.

And that means you’d be in for an unconventionally fresh day out with the fam.

Bonus Activity!

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