Is En Sushi at Dhoby Ghaut delicious enough for its affordable menu?

Japanese food fans – listen up! Have you ever craved Japanese food but hesitated due to the exorbitant prices in typical Japanese restaurants? Well, you may want to check out En Sushi at Prinsep Street (accessible via a 5 minutes’ walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT) which offers sumptuous Japanese dishes at extremely affordable rates!

At the media food tasting preview, I was lucky enough to get to sample a huge range of dishes, including their specialties! Here are some of their featured dishes:


Hotate Mentai Aburi

This dish was a pleasant surprise as the scallop slices were complimented beautifully by the mentaiko and fish roe finish. The restaurant is also extremely generous with the portion of fish roe that’s dished out with the scallop, making each overall bite savoury and satisfying!

Green Daikon Salad

This dish is extremely interesting as it is presented in a way similar to the Chinese “Yusheng” food setting. You can share the dish with friends and have a mini “LoHei” session before settling down to enjoy the dish! With an assortment of vegetables, egg and crabstick slices, the final mixed salad is colourful and hearty.

Pitan Tofu

This dish piqued my interest as it was the first time I had tried eating tofu mixed with century egg (“pitan” in Chinese). While I was hesitant at first about the unique combination, I was pleasantly surprised by how the slight saltiness of the century egg evened out the silky and light taste of the tofu.


Chirashi Don

I have always been a fan of sashimi and thus I have always loved chirashi dons! However, I am often deterred from consuming this dish as it is usually pricey and expensive in restaurants. En Sushi’s chirashi don, however, offers a delightful and substantial amount of fresh sashimi for its price! The slabs of sashimi are also thick and generous, which I love!

Bara Charashi Don

In my opinion, for the low price of $10.80, the bara chirashi don is definitely En Sushi’s best deal! You can expect to enjoy fresh cut sashimi chunks including Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail and Octopus marinated in En Sushi’s signature soy sauce and piled atop premium sushi rice.

Hamachi Goma Zuke Don

Yellowtail sashimi fans rejoice! This is a yummy bowl of goodness filled with thick and tender slices of yellowtail sashimi marinated in a sesame based sauce.


En Premium Sashimi

This platter includes Maguro (tuna), Salmon, Hamachi (yellowtail), Mokajiki (Swordtail) and Tako (octopus). A perfect mix of robust, fishy flavours with a portion that is just right (and doesn’t overwhelm your palate!)

Hot Food

Sliced Beef Steak

This was definitely the dish that I had enjoyed the most. The highly marbled Meltique beef slices were grilled to perfection and practically melted in my mouth. The texture of the beef slices can be compared to top grade Wagyu and the dish is perfectly topped off with a range of condiments and sauces that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest eater’s taste buds! At a price of $14.90+ for 100 grams of this tender goodness, I’d say it is definitely a steal!

Curry Katsu Spaghetti

I particularly enjoyed the refreshing choice of thin spaghetti with crunchy and tender katsu slices as typically katsu is more commonly paired with Japanese rice. The curry sauce meets a delicate balance of sweet and spicy as well. As with all the other dishes, the portion is also generous and appropriately big, and you will definitely be full and satisfied by the end of the meal.


Unagi Cheese Salmon Aburi Maki

This maki features delicately seasoned eel with cheese and torced salmon to top it off. I loved the inclusion of cheese which complimented the fresh fish extremely well.

Spicy Soft-shell Crab Salmon Aburi Maki

Spicy deep fried soft-shell crab and torched salmon is combined with premium Japanese white rice to give a lovely mix in every bite! I certainly enjoyed the contrast of the crunchy soft shell crab with the tenderness and fishiness of the fresh salmon. Furthermore, the spice level was mild and easy on the taste buds (and this is coming from someone with a rather low spice tolerance!).


Overall, I loved the way En sushi offers a sizeable range of Japanese delicacies at extremely reasonable prices! As a student, my budget is often constrained when it comes to meals and it is great to find out that I can now satisfy my Japanese food cravings here! Furthermore, the portions are decidedly generous for the price and each dish is also meticulously presented (definitely Instagram-worthy!)!

So what are you waiting for, head on down to En Sushi to try their delectable dishes today!


#01-02 [email protected]

30 Princep Street S(188647)


Opens Mondays to Sundays from 11.30am – 3pm and 6pm – 10pm (last order at 9.30pm)


Visit their Instagram or Facebook page to find out more!


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