[Review] Menabrea Beer at Latteria Mozzarella Bar

I am sure that majority of beer fans will be familiar with the name “Menabrea!” After all, Menabrea Beer has is one of the most famous and popular beer brands in the market as well as the oldest brewery still fully operational in Italy (as it has been for the last 170 years!)

One will certainly be delighted to hear that Singapore-based distributor Angra Wine & Spirit Importers is bringing two new Menabrea Restaurant Label beers to Singapore – the Menabrea Top Restaurant 55 Pils and 75 Bock!

I had the privilege of sampling these 2 beers and more during the press preview at Latteria Mozzarella Bar on 28th March, 6pm – 7pm.

Menabrea Top Restaurant 55 Pils

This beer is a light lager beer intended for easy drinking. It has a beautiful golden yellow colour.

When tasted, the beer is distinctly bitter with a fragrant flowery aroma. With 5.2% alcohol, it is suitable as a refreshing drink as it is gentle on the palate.

Menabrea Top Restaurant 75 Bock

This beer is more intense and is a bock-style speciality. It has a dark, amber red hue.

When tasted, the beer has a strong malt taste and a lingering spiciness. As a double malt beer, it also has a beautiful aroma of sweet roasted malts. With 7.5% alcohol, it is a nice drink to round up a long day!

Try them!

Latteria will be serving the 55 Pils and 75 Bock (the two new Restaurant Label beers) very soon, beginning from May this year!

They will be serving the 0.75l. beers in wine glasses for their customers to enjoy them the fashionable Italian way – drinking high quality beers out of wine glasses has been a trend in Italy since 15-20 years ago, and is getting more popular in recent years.

Latteria also organizes several events for you to sample beers and drink to your heart’s content! For example, on 28th March, the bar organized a boozy evening of free flow Premium Lager beer paired with tantalising Italian canapés.

Delectable bites prepared by Latteria to accompany the beer included Smoked Salmon & Stracciatella Cheese Crostini and Buffalo Milk Mozzarella with Tomato & Basil. For the price of $60 (or &48 for early birds) per ticket, one could enjoy free flow Menabrea Premium Lager Beer!

For more information on Menabrea beer, visit their official WEBSITE.

For more information on Latteria and their events, visit their official WEBSITE.

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