Print On-the-go with HP Sprocket Pocket Printer - Alvinology

Print On-the-go with HP Sprocket Pocket Printer

HP understands the millennial market or least the HP Sprocket Photo Printer makes a lot of sense as a product targeted for the social media generation, hooked on creating and sharing endless photo and video moments of themselves on social media.

I got myself a HP sprocket photo printer earlier this year and it make senses for me too as a parent with a young child and a frequent traveler. The device is small enough to fit into your pants pocket and extremely easy to use.

Print On-the-go with HP Sprocket Pocket Printer - Alvinology

Upon unboxing, simply download the free HP Sprocket app on iOS or Android on your mobile device, synced it to your HP Sprocket, loaded with photo paper, and it’s ready to print!

Print On-the-go with HP Sprocket Pocket Printer - Alvinology

The app features various customisation options for your prints such as borders, emojis, stickers, filters and fonts, including Disney themed ones. The range of supported file types includes .jpeg, .gif and .png, making it possible to work with almost any image. Edited images can also be stored on your mobile for future sharing. Printing is done via bluetooth and it takes less than a minute for each print.

What I really like about the HP Sprocket is that it is very intuitive to use, convenient, durable and aesthetically pleasing. I have brought it on my travels to at least 4 countries, stuffing it into my checked-in luggage, without any damage to date. The HP Sprocket is what it promises – small, light, easy-to-use – it gets the job done, quietly and without fuss or hassle.

In fact, it’s so easy to use that even my son, 6, is able to customise his own designs on my mobile phone and get them printed out via bluetooth with the HP Sprocket.

The card-size prints are fantastic to giveaway to friends and family members, capturing those timeless precious moments together in a physical format.

Print On-the-go with HP Sprocket Pocket Printer - Alvinology

The prints are high quality too, with printing done on smudge-proof, water-resistant and tear-resistant HP patented ZINK paper which comes with peel-and-stick backing so you can turn your favourite photos into fun stickers.

To get your hands on the HP Sprocket, visit the official website to order online or you can also buy it any leading electronic stores in Singapore. The HP Sprocket is priced at $199 and is available in Black and White.

There’s also a HP Sprocket 2-in-1 which combines an instant camera with an instant printer coming soon.

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