The season of gifting is here again, and if you’re still cracking your heads on what to get for your loved ones, fret no more! A nice hairdo may be all that they need as it is extremely essential in completing one’s overall look and can even make a simple outfit look put together.

So this year, why not consider gifting a good hair dryer? The Dyson Supersonic now comes with a limited edition black/platinum box and a newly released stand, specially for this Christmas season only! They retail from S$599. For all you busy folks, it is available at a click away at

It may sound ridiculous at first thought, but you are not just paying for a minimalistic black metal gadget to dry your wet hair. You are paying for a piece of revolutionary technology that is specially designed for the best user experience, backed by extensive scientific research.

We dry our hair everyday, and sometimes even more than once a day. Why, then, are we still putting up with the problems like bulkiness, difficulty in manoeuvring, and high temperatures that can damage our hair? Read our first Dyson Supersonic review with all its features here.

Still not convinced in the technology and science behind the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer? The chance is here for you to go through a first-hand experience of this magical hair dryer. You can book a complimentary styling session here. The appointment booking slots are available on a first come first serve basis so be fast and be quick!


Find the Dyson Supersonic Hair Experience pop up store right outside the Dyson store at the Robinsons Glasshouse that will be open from now till 2nd January 2018.

Consider this an opportunity for you to doll up for your festive parties at the hands of professional stylists!