SilkAir Announces Direct Flights from Singapore to Broome, Western Australia

With the growing number of Singaporeans visiting Western Australia every year, SilkAir Airline is proud to announce that they will be accommodating direct flights between Singapore and Broome, including Kimberley region, in 2018.

SilkAir, the regional wing of Singapore Airlines, came to an agreement between Broome local businesses, Broome International Airport, and Australia’s North West regional tourism to make this possible. The flight route is supported by State Government through Tourism WA who will handle flight promotions and packages through its office in Singapore.

On June 2018, four return trial flights from Singapore to Broome will be conducted by SilkAir. They are hopeful that there will be high demand for the service, to further develop and improve their future services.

Singapore is Western Australia’s third biggest international market in terms of spend and visitors. According to the 2016-2017 statistics, over 106,000 Singaporeans visited Western Australia and spent $259 million during their stay. Next year, WA can accommodate more Singaporean visitors once operations are finalized.

Western Australia is one of the most visited regions in the world. It’s proven with the tourism income alone generating more than $10 billion a year through visitor spend, and able to support over 109,000 jobs. With this new aviation access, State Government is looking forward to more opportunities. This will open new doors for jobs and economic growth through visitor spending.

Exciting Places in Western Australia

As the current deal will grant future economic boost in Western Australia, Singaporeans, on the other hand, will have easier access to experience more of Western Australia. Below are some of the remarkable spots in Western Australia Singaporeans should get excited about.

Historic pearl luggers on evening sunset cruise off Cable Beach, Broome
Ride a camel at sunset on Cable Beach.
Lap up pure luxury in the wilderness.

Fares, flights, and travel packages will be released soon in close coordination with Australia’s North West.

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