We have been extolling the virtues of oats for the better part of the year.

But in case you need a reminder on how much awesomeness they ooze, here you go: they are incredibly easy to make, they save you time on sleep-starved mornings and they are versatile enough to be used in the creation of one ultimate low-fat oat recipe.

More importantly, though, they are healthiness exemplified –  just what you would need to back up your fitness plays.

While you make a last ditch effort to overhaul your diet for 2017, these remaining six recipes that Quaker Oats can start you off with might be the saving grace you have been looking for.

Savoury Baked Oatmeal With Mushrooms & Caramelised Onions

Photo and recipe via Savorysimple.

Never thought oats could be made into a savoury dish, did you?

This recipe fits nicely into a vegan’s diet if he/she wants to get creative, but we get a feeling this would be a hit even with those without dietary restrictions.

If you’d like to add a little pizazz, try frying up a bacon slice, cut into bits and sprinkle into your new breakfast favourite.


Low-fat Chai-Spiced Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins with Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Glaze

Photo and recipe via AmbitiousKitchen.

Health-conscious foodies will approve of this low-fat, low-calorie treat.

This decadent oatmeal muffin fix is simply twice the goodness but minus the guilt, especially with the use of Quaker Oats.


Low-Carb Frosted Oatmeal Cookies

Photo and recipe via Mimiscookiebar.

Beat the practice of beating yourself up after an indulgence.

This low-calorie yet great-tasting oatmeal cookie is your guilt-free version of an actual carrot cake. The added crunch from the walnut bits may keep you reaching for more, but chances are you won’t be sweating the damage, especially such great-tasting Quaker Rolled Oats.


Low-Fat Oatmeal Protein Pancakes

Photo and recipe via Southerninlaw.

It is impossible to have both ‘low-fat’ and ‘dessert’ on the same page, you say? Nonsense!

We found a recipe that can get you closer to that than ever; the low-fat Protein Oatmeal Pancakes make the perfect ending for that dinner you got planned, especially so when you skip sweetened applesauce and add in Quaker Oats for a healthier kick.


Low-Fat Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Photo and recipe via Runningonrealfood.

Those who take fitness seriously usually take their breakfasts just as seriously. No matter how high the calorie or fat bar is set, the low-fat Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies should sail past it easily.

The peanut butter gives a shot of energy boost for that gym session ahead, and the Rolled Oats (by Quaker, of course!) keep your weight in check.


Oatmeal Apple Banana Low-Fat Muffins

Photo and recipe via Rockrecipes.

One trick to make anything seem more delicious than it really is would be to put it in a jar.

That is why we are re-featuring this once-featured recipe, with a twist; the mashed banana lend a sweet, fruity burst to the protein-fueled goodness of Quaker Rolled Oats and fruity mixture, making it just about the most swell breakfast item you’d put on repeat.

Not sure where to get your fix of Quaker Oats? Head to your nearest supermarket and load up on the Quaker range, which includes the Quickcook Oatmeal, Rolled Oats, Instant Oatmeal and more. It’s hard to miss our unmistakable Quaker packaging!