Alvinology Christmas Guide: All I Want For X’Mas Is… Q! - Alvinology

Alvinology Christmas Guide: All I Want For X’Mas Is… Q!

Lest you misunderstood, we did not mean an exclusive membership into James Bond’s secret service division. By Q we meant the new range of smartwatches launched by Fossil, although we would guess this is something 007 himself would wear as part of his off-duty get-up.

The Fossil Q series, consisting the Marshal, Wander, Tailor and Explorist models, is created with high-level connectivity with smartphones, touch enabled screen, user-friendly interface and unflinching good looks –just about the right wearable to spark conversations throughout the holidays and stay on top of your festive shindigs.

What is making the whole conversation about the Fossil Q even more festive is the fact that we have an exclusive opportunity for you to snag it for free!

Alvinology Christmas Guide: All I Want For X’Mas Is… Q! - Alvinology
Ji Chang Wook

Get Social

What better time to check for social media updates on the go than, well, checking the time? With notifications alerting you from the convenience of your wrist, there is no longer a need to suffer that nagging paranoia about missing an important Whatsapp reply (was that a buzz in my pocket or did I just imagine it?) or a virtual Christmas greeting on your favourite social platform. The Fossil Q wirelessly syncs to your smartphone via the Android Wear 2.0 and anyone can easily keep tabs on real time happenings on the touch screen enabled watch –all without compromising on personal safety per the catastrophic phenomenon of being too buried in your smartphone.

Watch Your Fitness
Activity tracker bands are dime in a dozen nowadays. Although the technology in them is increasingly ambitious –to the point of honing in on the smallest of details like your REM patterns—the Fossil Q Smart Watch keeps to the ‘less is more’ philosophy and retains its style DNA in larger-than-life ruggedness. The built-in tracker is able to record and deliver fitness ‘small wins’ such as calories burned, distance walked and steps taken, but what it does not tell you is that the fashion quotient of the watch itself is looking mighty fine like your health…

…or like Song Ji Hyo over here.

Alvinology Christmas Guide: All I Want For X’Mas Is… Q! - Alvinology
Song Ji Hyo

Wear Your Heart On Your Wrist

By extension of the topic on style, you may go ahead and let your personality shine through the customisable nature of the Fossil Q Smart Watch. The Q series comes in stainless steel and leather straps editions. The good news is that Christmas season presents more opportunities to flaunt a more casual style, so you can experiment with more than one interchangeable strap in different hues and fool others into thinking you own an extensive Fossil watch collection.

Alvinology Christmas Guide: All I Want For X’Mas Is… Q! - Alvinology

Besides the leather straps, here’s an international spy worthy secret: the watch face can also be customised. No matter when the whims strike, there are many Fossil face design options and adjustable colour schemes at your disposal. From there, assign your preferred apps to the dial –and there you have it! You have got your own unique Fossil Q to take you through the holidays in smart fashion.

Alvinology Christmas Guide: All I Want For X’Mas Is… Q! - Alvinology

We heard your unspoken Christmas wishes; therefore, we have a pair of Fossil Q Smart Watch (Man and Woman) to give away!

To win, first find the Fossil Q Smartwatch from within Fossil’s Official Store on Lazada. Take a screenshot of the watch you want to win. Next, post it in the comment box of this Alvinology Facebook post, share the post and tag at least 3 friends.

Contest ends 15 November 2017 at 1200pm and is open to all residing in Singapore. Winners will be randomly picked and contacted via private Facebook Messenger by 20 November 2017. Prizes must be collected in person at Alvinology’s office in Singapore.


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