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Sora Ma’s creepiest fan has just been jailed for taking a video of a woman in a fitting room

In a report by TNP, a 26-year-old man named Darren Tan Yong Xing has been jailed for 12 weeks after he was caught taking a video of a woman trying on lingerie in Cotton On Vivocity. Tan is also a full-time national serviceman.

When the 21-year-old student who was the victim had caught the camera recording beneath her, Tan fled but she caught up with him. He was arrested and his phone searched–which yielded more disgusting footage.

This was after he had taken other videos on his phone, including a girl who had previously occupied the fitting room next to his.

He has been convicted of disgusting acts before, such as taking at upskirt video of a bank officer at a train station. He committed a lot of his violations of other women’s privacy while still serving a 12-month warning for recording an upskirt video of a bank officer.

Aside from getting jailed for 12 weeks, he has been fined $2000 for a total of four obscene videos on his phone. Other charges are being considered.

Tan is also known for being a huge Sora Ma fan, and can be seen at her official fan meets.

Is he really a pervert?

Tan clearly has had many run-ins with the law when it comes to taking videos and photos of women around him. Take a look at some of this Facebook posts on his profile:

He is a regular at Sora Ma’s public appearances and fan meets.

According to his Facebook profile, he studied engineering at ITE college, lives in Hougang New Town and is single.



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