Do you have a no-devices rule at the table? Some parents don’t tolerate phones and tablets during mealtimes while others don’t really mind.

But for McDonald’s, they want mealtime to be a family event meant for sharing time together.

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McDonald’s is actually pretty observant

A survey conducted by McDonald’s last month with 302 parents revealed that a majority of parents (98%) and their kids (91%) use their mobile device whenever they are together with the family.

More than two-thirds of these parents (69%) and their kids (72%) have the habit of using their smartphones during mealtime. Other findings from the survey showed that:

  • Over half of these parents (60%) agree that the use of mobile devices during family time has decreased their interaction with their loved ones
  • Three in four parents (75%) expressed their willingness to have better self-discipline in terms of staying away from digital distractions during family time
  • 58% of parents feel unhappy when another family member uses a mobile device during family time
  • 63% of parents have been reminded by a family member to put away their mobile device during family time, while 86% have restricted their kids from using their mobile device during family time

McDonald’s lets you lock phones up in a cubby for engaged, face-to-face mealtime

Inspired to create a more conducive environment for families to dine in, McDonald’s has installed a new mobile phone locker in one of its flagship restaurants at Marine Cove, the first-of-its-kind in Singapore.

With the convenience of this locker, both parents and kids are encouraged to put their mobile phones away safely and focus on having an enjoyable family playdate without digital distractions.

Table service at McDonald’s?!

To further modernise the dining experience for families, McDonald’s is also piloting table service at Marine Cove restaurant led by Guest Experience Leaders whose main role is to engage with families.

Customers simply need to select the table service feature when placing an order at the self-ordering kiosk to enjoy dedicated service and hospitality from our Guest Experience Leaders, which would allow them as parents to spend more time tending to their children instead.

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Free apple slices for every Happy Meal

On top of these new features, in the spirit of encouraging kids to eat more fruit, McDonald’s is rewarding customers with free Apple Slices for every Happy Meal purchased on weekends in the month of October 2017.