Since his illustrious football career in the past, David Beckham has always been synonymous with the pinnacle of health and fitness. It is only second nature for him to advocate healthy living, which he now does as the Global Ambassador of AIA.

As part of the Asian leg of AIA Healthy Living Tour, he was in town recently for AIA Vitality Healthy Cookout Showdown at Clifford Square. After his pit stop in Singapore, he will be sharing his passion for living well with Malaysians.

Video by Carissa Wong.

The cook-off saw six teams presenting their best rendition of a healthier, yet tastier version of a signature Singapore dish, where Beckham joined the panel of judges in tasting those local delights.

Zealous fans and onlookers anticipating David Beckham’s appearance

Before his arrival, the bevy of fans and onlookers alike showed no sign of waned enthusiasm as they waited for him with bated breath.

Even as the wait drew longer, his supporters were still eagerly anticipating the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador to appear.

If David Beckham is in town, you can be sure his zealous football fans wouldn’t be missing it for the world.

Upon arrival, David Beckham looks as charming as he is on-screen, or even more so in the flesh. You can’t help but to stop in the tracks and simply be besotted by his stunning good looks.

As he made his way to Clifford Square, emotions ran high as many fans were squealing in excitement for him to appear before them.

On his way in, he even greeted some of his fans and stopped to sign autographs. Many of the fans were seen swooning and shrieking in joy when the legendary David Beckham was in close proximity.

AIA Vitality Healthy Cookout Showdown saw six teams cook it off

All eyes were on Beckham once he took the stage at AIA Vitality Healthy Cookout Showdown, with over 1, 000 people gathering to witness the intense cook-off.

When asked about how he stays in shape despite his hectic schedule, the renowned sports figure let us in on how the small things that you do in your life matter.

As a doting father of four, his routine can get pretty crazy at times. Nevertheless, he emphasised the need to really make time for what you want to do and prioritise. Put shortly, he practises the mantra of really going out to do what he puts his mind to.

Essentially, Beckham believes in the value of health and wellness, and that everyone has a role to play in taking charge of their health.

At the same time, he encourages locals to savour healthier versions of signature local favourites. Contrary to conventional belief, healthier choices don’t necessarily lose out in the taste and flavour of the food, as the cook-off would later reveal.



Mother-daughter duo crowned the winner for their Rainbow Nasi Lemak Giant Canape

AIA Singapore Chief Executive Officer Patrick Teow, Ms Caeley Liew, Ms Jessica Lie and AIA Global Ambassador David Beckham at the AIA Vitality Healthy Cookout Showdown. Photo courtesy of AIA Singapore.

After a close fight amongst the six teams, Ms Jessica Lie and Ms Caeley Liew were announced the winner with their unique and aesthetically pleasing, Rainbow Nasi Lemak Giant Canape.

The winning dish, Rainbow Nasi Lemak Giant Canape by mother-daughter duo Ms Jessica Lie and Ms Caeley Liew. Photo courtesy of AIA Singapore.

As the mother-daughter duo prepared one of the quintessential local dishes here in Singapore, they air-fried the ingredients for a healthy spin on this classic.

They even added natural blue pea flowers extract, which lends an aroma to the dish, making it a hit with the judges.

The judges include well-known names in local food scene, such as Dr Leslie Tay, Woo Wai Leong, Seth Lui and Maureen Ow.

This proves that healthy eating doesn’t need to be bland and mundane, which gives us less excuse not to start living healthily today, especially in the food that we eat.

In case you were wondering, AIA Vitality, it is a leading full scale wellness programme that works with individuals to make real changes to their health. In 2013, AIA Singapore became the first and only insurer to pay members as they get healthier with the launch of AIA Vitality.

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Video by Carissa Wong.