If your wanderlust is not going away anytime soon, the world’s best low-cost airline AirAsia is bound to be your best friend.

This game-changing airline shakes up the airline industry with the world’s first-ever Freedom Flyer Programme unveiled recently at AirAsia RedQ. 

The Freedom Flyer Programme was launched by AirAsia X Group CEO Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, AirAsia BIG Loyalty CEO Dato’ Eddy Leong and AirAsia Group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (from left to right) at AirAsia’s RedQ in Sepang, Malaysia.

This overhauled loyalty programme is poised to bring you BIGGER reasons to fly – giving you an easier, faster and better way to accumulate AirAsia BIG Points.

Well, we know you can’t wait to find out more so let’s dive into the details.

Based on how frequent you fly and not how far

Amongst a galore of BIGGER reasons to fly with AirAsia now, one of it is its unique membership status system.

The four-status system begins from Red status for guests who fly 13 and lesser one-way short-haul flights in the preceding 12 months, before being upgraded to Gold and Platinum. As for the Black status, it is reserved for guests who fly 50 or more times with AirAsia.

It is based upon the frequency at regardless of how much you spend on fares. Shortly put, the more you fly with AirAsia, the faster you will accumulate BIG points.

These points are automatically awarded upon completing the flight and you need not worry about missing points so long you log in with your BIG Member ID when booking the flights.

The reasons to fly with AirAsia don’t just stop there. When you fly on AirAsiaX and FlyThru flights, the one-way long-haul flights rewards you double the points of a one-way flight.

The higher you go, the faster you accumulate points

As if there weren’t enough reasons for you to book a flight, AirAsia has you completely sold with their unique tiered system. For every RM10 spent, Red Members can earn up to 20 BIG Points, Gold up to 40, Platinum up to 70 and Black up to 120.

Simply take your pick at over 120 destinations across the world as you decide to redeem your BIG Points. They can be used to redeem all flights on AirAsia for a jaw-dropping minimum of 500 BIG Points. While it sound incredulous, it’s a dream come true with the new BIG Freedom Flyer Programme.

Final Call Sale or BIG Fixed Point, you win

Depending on your travelling preference, you can redeem seats during  ‘Final Call Sale’ or using ‘BIG Fixed Points‘.

The former translates to choosing from selected seats for travel in the next 60 days with up to 90% discount from prevailing market fares. Travel bugs can rejoice as this promotion happens on a monthly basis – leaving you no restraint in pushing that purchase button.

If you’re someone who needs to plan ahead in time, fret not. AirAsia BIG Freedom Flyer Programme has you covered too. Based upon the flight hours, you can select seat for travel up to 365 days in advance to redeem at blocks of BIG Points.

At the same time, you will be able to enjoy up to 70% discount from prevailing market fares.

In the event seats are unavailable for discounted redemption via Final Call Sale or Big Fixed Points, all available seats are still able to be redeemed at market price translated to BIG Points at MYR 1 for every 100 BIG Points.

All members can even enjoy a special 24-hour priority access to AirAsia’s hugely popular Free Seats campaign that happen several times during the year.

Co-brand cardholders are also entitled to one week of priority access to the monthly Final Call Sale redemption.

Earn and redeem with BIG Points that don’t expire

The remarkable interiors of AirAsia’s headquarters – RedQ in Sepang, Malaysia.

Apart from points accumulation while flying with AirAsia, members can earn BIG Points by signing up for AirAsia’s co-brand credit cards with partner banks across the region. Presently, AirAsia-CIMB Niaga co-brand credit cardholders in Indonesia will be able to enjoy a special privileged promotion to Platinum status in its first year of being a cardholder.

Keep an eye as more exciting news on AirAsia co-brand credit card programmes across the region will be announced in due course.

You can even redeem BIG Points to enjoy hotel stays, exhilarating travel attractions or activities and even e-vouchers on selected partners. Besides, there will be bank and other loyalty points available to convert to even more BIG points.

AirAsia’s cabin crew put together a pulsating performance of their very own in-flight safety demonstration during the launch event.

What’s more, BIG Freedom Flyer Programme entails a free and lifetime membership. The BIG Points awarded to members do not expire unless there is a continuous non-travel period of at 36 months, which is scarce these days.

Contrary to conventional loyalty programmes, AirAsia completely redefines the way the points system and for once, you don’t have to rush to redeem your points before they pass the expiry date.

Guess what, flying AirAsia has indeed gotten bigger and better, literally.

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