How to get your hands on Google Wi-Fi in Singapore - Alvinology

How to get your hands on Google Wi-Fi in Singapore

Google has launched Google Wi-Fi in Singapore, in partnership with telco operator, StarHub. We are the first country in Southeast Asia to get this. Exciting isn’t it? We got a set for our new office for AM Collective, the parent company for

How to get your hands on Google Wi-Fi in Singapore - Alvinology

How can you get your hands on Google Wi-Fi?

It’s simple – Singaporeans can receive their Google Wi-Fi when they are new sign ups or customers renewing selected StaHub Broadband or Hubbing all-in-one plans:

  • StarHub’s standalone 1Gbps Fibre Broadband service
  • multi-service SurfHub
  • HomeHub 1000
  • HomeHub Go 1Gbps bundles

How to get your hands on Google Wi-Fi in Singapore - Alvinology

The usual price for the Google Wi-Fi routers is SDG$597 (for a three-pack). With StarHub’s interest-free instalment scheme, customers will be able to split the payment at $15 per month over 24 months through their StarHub bill, with zero upfront cost.

During service installation, a trained StarHub Hub Trooper will recommend the best placement to address Wi-Fi Blind spots for customers to enjoy quality whole-home Wi-Fi coverage.

How does it work?

Google Wi-Fi uses a “mesh” networking system so that your Wi-Fi remains seamless and connected even as you move from room to room. One of the routers act as the main while the other two are points that you can place in different rooms for strong Wi-Fi connection in every corner of you home. We recommend putting them out in the open, about two rooms apart. The sleek design of the Google Wi-Fi points makes it an aesthetic piece to display in the open.

Google Wifi in the Kitchen

What’s the Buzz?

Replacing the traditional single router with multiple “points”, Google Wi-Fi is a mesh networking system that allows you to enjoy Wi-Fi in any area of your home with affecting your Wi-Fi speed.

How to get your hands on Google Wi-Fi in Singapore - Alvinology

Complete Coverage of your home – Google Wi-Fi eliminates the frustration of having dead zones or spotty Wi-Fi connections in your home. The three-pack Google Wi-Fi adequately covers homes up to 2,700 square feet (251 sq. m), thus effectively eliminating any Wi-Fi dead zones. If you have a bigger home, just add on another Wi-Fi point and they will work together seamlessly.

Fast and Efficient – Google Wi-Fi also provides faster and stronger Wi-Fi signals that enable you to move from room to room with no risk of breaking your connections. You can stream, download and game simultaneously with the google Wi-Fi. In fact, it is designed to help ensure that you can stream up to 4K video streams simultaneously at the furthest reaches of your home (if your internet package can handle it).

Easy Set Up – The Google Wi-Fi is so easy to set up you don’t need a technician to do so. Just download the Google Wi-Fi App and follow the instructions (link to 10 things you can do with Google Wi-Fi app). In addition, the Network Assist offers simple insights to help you get the most out of your Wi-Fi and helps you quickly resolve issues if they arise. For example, it can tell you if you could get faster speeds by moving one of your Google Wi-Fi points, or alert you if your ISP has gone offline.

Priority Power – Google understands that it is tough to put a pause to your kids’ digital activities. Hence, it has implemented a feature in the Google Wi-Fi app that allows you to pause your kids’ digital devices or create scheduled pauses for dinner time and bedtime so your family can fully engage with each other during this times.

Martin Geh, Managing Director, APAC Hardware Partnerships at Google said, “Parents will have greater control of their family’s Wi-Fi network, enabling them to spend quality time with their children whenever they want.”

Parents can also prioritize which home devices receive faster streaming when it matters most. For example, you can prioritize your business conference call on your phone or streaming your family movie night over your son’s gaming device.

Safety Control – You can control what matters most. Say goodbye to days of lost password. The Google app allows you to easily find and share your password while keeping your system secure. You can also run a network check and assign your guests a separate network, thus allowing them access to specific devices from the main network (like a Chromecast).

10 things you can do with Google Wi-Fi app

The app requires a mobile device with Android 4 and up or iOS 8 and up.

  1. Get set up quickly

The app (Google Play or iOS) walks you through the setup step by step, so you’ll be online in no time. View the setup video at Google Wifi Support

  1. Control family Wi-Fi time

Pause the Wi-Fi on devices on the fly or with Scheduled Pause, for homework or dinner times.

  1. Prioritize a device

Streaming a movie? Joining an important video call? Prioritize a device for faster streaming when it matters most.

  1. See what’s happening on your network

Get visibility into which devices are connected and how much bandwidth each is using.

  1. Password Made Fun

Instead of using letters and numbers, Google allows you to set passwords with fun emojis.

  1. Easily find your password

No more scrambling for the password sticky note. Easily find your password and even text it to friends if it’s hard to spell aloud.

  1. Run a network check

Test the speed of your connection at each Wifi point, plus the speed you’re getting from your internet service provider.

  1. Create a separate guest network

Give guests a separate network, while still allowing them access to specific devices from the main network (like a Chromecast).

  1. Add a network Manager

Designate your spouse as a manager to your network, and together, you can manage your Google Wifi system from your phones, even if you aren’t at home.

  1. See what’s new in the Network Assist Tab

Discover new features and updates about your network.


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