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Are we too obsessed with emojis? These stats may blow your mind

Have you found yourself hitting that globe button on your keyboard too often? Then you may be an emoji fanatic! But you don’t have to be scared because you aren’t the only one. Also, did you celebrate Emoji Day last July 17?

Here are some interesting facts about emojis:

Emoji Usage Increased ? 163% in 2016

On top of that, the library of emojis that people used increased by 10%.

Emojis Lift Push Notification ? Engagement ? by 85% –

Push notifications without emojis saw a 2.44% open rate, versus push notifications with emojis that saw a 4.51% open rate.

When It Comes to Emoji Push Notifications, Android Is More Effective Than iOS ?

Android push notifications with emojis are opened at a rate 135% higher, compared to iOS, which is only 50% higher. App Annie’s theory is that Android push notifications stick around in the notification tray longer, so users have more time to see the emoji and react to it.

Millennials ?? Are More Interested in Emoji Push Notifications – as it turns out – probably unsurprisingly – millennials engage more often with emojis.

The most successful emojis that are used in retail, dating, and gaming industries can be found in this report. It’s time to up your game, and start adding more emojis to your texts ?

Thanks to the data collected by App Annie! You can also see how often a specific emoji has been used here.

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