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Fratelli unveils new menu inspired from the family recipes of three Michelin-starred Da Vittorio

Fratelli unveils new menu inspired from the family recipes of three Michelin-starred Da Vittorio

Once you have a taste of the exquisite Italian cuisine at Fratelli, there’s simply no going back.

The spanking new menu recently unveiled by Chef Roberto Cerea at the critically acclaimed restaurant gives further testament to our point. In Michelin Guide Italy 2017, Chef Roberto Cerea’s second-generation family-run restaurant “Da Vittorio” in Lombardy is in fact one of just eight restaurants to be awarded three Michelin stars.

At Fratelli, you’re in for an epicurean journey replete with classic and contemporary creations from its Chef de Cuisine Davide Bizzarri and Chef Roberto Cerea.

Fratelli Chef de Cuisine Davide Bizzarri (left) and Italian Celebrity Chef Roberto Cerea (right) from Italian Three Michelin-starred restaurant, Da Vittorio.

Three Michelin starred Da Vittorio goes way back 

Da Vittorio was first awarded the covetable accolade of three Michelin stars back in 2010. Since then, few Trattorias rivalled the impeccable quality Da Vittorio brings to the dining table.

In fact, the well-acclaimed trattoria received its very first One Michelin star in 1978 and Two Michelin stars in 1996 with Roberto Cerea’s parents at the helm.

Italian celebrity chefs Roberto Cerea (left) and Enrico Cerea (right). Photo courtesy of Resorts World Sentosa.

Drawing inspiration from their father,Roberto and his brother, Enrico, underwent training at several top culinary schools in Europe and America, including the legendary restauranteur Sirio Maccioni in New York, Heinz Winkler (the first Italian chef to receive Three Michelin stars) in Munich, and Ferran Adria at elBulli in Catalonia.

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Having such highly laudable accolades under their belt, diners can expect to the culinary expertise and finesse coming through in these signature family recipes.

Homemade Square Spaghetti Pasta “Chitarra”

It’s simply interesting to see how this homemade paste is made with a special ‘guitar’ pasta-making tool. Hence, the name ‘Chitarra’ (literally translated as guitar in Italian) was coined for it.

‘Guitar’ pasta-making tool used to make the specially homemade and egg-yolk based ‘Chitarra’ pasta.

While this specialty dish is inspired from Roberto Cerea’s father, the chef uses a modern culinary technique – giving this traditional recipe a modern twist. When the Cerea brothers returned to their family restaurant, they also infused novel ideas and techniques to infuse into the traditional recipes.

Homemade Square Spaghetti Pasta “Chitarra” served alongside Braised Beef Short Ribs Ragout & Black Truffle Shavings, $34.

Expect more bite and chew in this egg-yolk based pasta, which has a delightful texture unlike others. Foodies who love their spaghetti to be slightly thicker and chewier than the average will certainly enjoy this.

The braised beef short ribs ragout not only enhance the unique flavour of the pasta but also steal our hearts away with such well-done and tender meat. In this Da Vittorio family signature dish, the black truffle shavings are more than your usual garnishes for it brought out the strong and sapid flavour of the beef.

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Steamed Boston Lobster with Avocado & Wasabi Cream

Steamed Boston Lobster with Avocado & Wasabi Cream, served alongside Red Capsicum Mousse & Marinated Vine Cherry Tomatoes, $48.

When in Fratelli, one appetiser (otherwise known as antipasti in Italian) that will stimulate your tastebuds has got to be the Steamed Boston Lobster with Avocado & Wasabi Cream.

The wasabi cream in this star appetiser may sound intimidating but it’s nothing like that after you’ve a taste of it. This particular avocado and wasabi cream isn’t in the least overpowering sans the burning aftertaste. As compared to typical wasabi, it has a more subtle and smoother taste without losing its unique flavour.

Best of all, you still relish the tantalising umami taste of the soft steamed lobster in its entirety without the wasabi cream being an overkill.

Pizza Oro Nero

Pizza Oro Nero (Squid Ink Tomato Sauce, Scamorza Cheese Baby squid, Cured Cod Fish ‘Baccalà’, White Clams Sicilian Mussels, Trout Roe Marinated Vine Cherry Tomatoes, Gold Powder), $32. 

As we all know, Italy is famed for its artisan pizzas. It’s simply an indisputable fact that Italians make the best pizzas in the world. Well at Fratelli Pizzeria, we couldn’t agree more.

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The sprinkle of gold powder on this squid ink tomato sauce-based pizza is just a glimpse of the gastronomic decadence to come. This gourmet pizza will certainly delight you with the fantastic medley of savoury flavours from various seafood such as Scamorza Cheese Baby squid, Cured Cod Fish ‘Baccalà’, White Clams Sicilian Mussels.

Only the freshest and finest ingredients are used at Fratelli, where certain ingredients are flown in from Europe for the best taste. Even the cherry tomatoes are marinated with trout roe; the Italian chefs certainly boast of a level of intricacy that is unparalleled in their craft.


Milanese Veal Cutlet

Milanese Veal Cutlet, $148 for 4-6 pax

The taste of the chef’s finesse is simply palpable with in this gigantic serving (with one portion serving 4-6 diners). Not just any veal cutlet, this Milanese Veal Cutlet is shallow fried in clarified butter with precision. If you love your veals buttery, this is surely the go-to dish for you at Fratelli.

The brother duo select only a specific cut from the ribs to give patrons that oomph you simply can’t find elsewhere. What’s more, the breadcrumbs-and-breadsticks coating of the cutlet adds a distinct layer of texture to the tenderised meat. Just the mere thought of this enlivens our palate, prompting us to reach out for a second serving.

Carnivorous foodies are bound to lose any shred of self-restraint upon this glorious-looking cutlet; we’d give in to this gastronomic delight any time.

Our verdict? This new menu may very well be what all Italian restaurants should look up to, which is precisely why you should come to Fratelli at least once in your lifetime.



Level 2, Hotel Michael, Resorts World Sentosa

8 Sentosa Gateway

Singapore 098269

Pizzeria: open from 12.00pm to 2.30pm and 6.00pm to 10.30pm

Trattoria: open from 6.00pm to 10.30pm .

Closed on Tuesdays except public holidays.

Click here to find out more about Fratelli at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore.  For reservations, call +65 6577 6688 or email to [email protected].

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