Did you see it coming?

We’re referring to the cancellation of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders after two seasons.

The second spin-off from Criminal Mind starring Gary Sinise, Alana de la Garza, Daniel Henny and Tyler James Williams has been dropped, apparently for no reason. But could it be that the second season of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders drew only five million viewers per episode, while season 12 of Criminal Minds drew around 7.5 million?

That will remain a mystery for us but we know what Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders definitely got wrong – Singapore.

One of their episodes, Cinderella And The Dragon left many Singaporeans scratching their head as we learn about a side of our country we never knew existed. In fact, it was so bad it’s good because the show was the inspiration behind Singapore Tourism Board coining the term, criminally shiok. So criminally apt, right?

Image via VisitSingapore Facebook.

Here is a roundup of 7 best “criminally shiok” moments that portrayed Singapore wrongly and may have contributed to the downfall of the show.

Even SPF couldn’t bear to see the glaring mistake

If the Singapore Police Force had to put this out so explicitly, you know the show has gone way off base, BIG TIME. Come to think of it, it’s pretty amusing to know that Singapore isn’t that well-known for its low crime rates after all.

Confused much? 

Which famous food place do you recommend to your foreign friend who’s coming over to Singapore for a holiday? Anywhere but the cultural Kampong Glam.

Image via VisitSingapore Facebook.

In Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, the supposedly well-travelled air stewardess pointed out that her favourite is Kampong Glam. Singaporean viewers could only watch this incredulous scene in utter disbelief.

Dark paradise here in Singapore

Image via VisitSingapore Facebook.

Is the show in any way making reference to Lana Del Ray’s song also titled “Dark Paradise”? We don’t remember seeing or hearing of any dark paradise in Singapore.

Sneak peek at Changi Airport 

Image via CBS.

How lucky are we to get a sneak peek of the new terminal to come at Changi Airport from the show! Wait, but it looks nothing like Terminal 1 through 3 and Terminals 4 and 5 are not open so where exactly is this?

Same same but different

Image via VisitSingapore Facebook. 

Same same but different – Makansutra Gluttons Bay and the various food places in Geylang may look similar but they are most certainly in itself different. If only the production team behind the show did their homework, they’d know about this local slang.

There’s always time for beancurd 

Image via Youtube/ Angst2095.

Image via Youtube/ Angst2095.

Kim Huat a.k.a Mr Brown took a jab at how “Lao Ban” sounded like in the show and screenshots from this hilarious meme video captured the essence of it. The way the actor pronounced “Lao Ban”, which is supposed to convey the mean of boss in Mandarin, turned out to sound more like the household name for beancurd Singaporeans love to eat as a supper snack.

Interesting how there’s time for some beancurd even when someone is held hostage.


Image via CBS.

Since when is there a Doosim Road? Are our eyes playing tricks on us or do we have failing memory?

To be fair, at least they got one thing right.

Image via Youtube/TISG News.

Image via Youtube/TISG News.

Contrary to the legal system in other countries, you’re assumed to be guilty until proven otherwise in Singapore.

Singapore may be a city-state that is not even visible on the map but the mistakes made in the show are too glaring to miss – especially for us Singaporeans.

Could the show’s cancellation have anything to do with it coming under fire for getting so much wrong about Singapore? It’s anybody’s guess.