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Easy printing with Gogoprint!

Digital revolution doesn’t make print media any less important. Studies show that marketing campaigns which people can physically touch are more memorable and creates a lasting impression.

Print advertising is an essential tool for reaching potential customers. Printed material is easier to read and navigate than digital content; plus excessive exposure to digital screens has some negative health consequences. This give your customers an excuse to get away from the screen for a while and spend 2-3 minutes reading the old fashioned way. Our ability to retain information is also better when we read printed materials.

Meet Gogoprint, first launched in November 2015 in Thailand. Gogoprint is an online printing company which offers high quality printing at a lower cost. After the success in Thailand, Gogoprint is now expanding into Malaysia and Singapore.

Founded in October 2016, Gogoprint Malaysia offers a variety of products and services such as printing of business cards, flyers, brochures, wedding cards, stickers, postcards and so much more from the comfort of your own home. The Malaysia office has also been running Gogoprint Singapore since mid-February this year. This online based printing service allows you to easily order any of the products you wish without moving an inch and offers free delivery across Malaysia and Singapore.

We’re living in a digital world, where apps, social media, and websites matter the most. However, it doesn’t mean printing is no longer necessary. Tangibility of print promotional material gives tactile experience to customers.

Gogoprint makes ordering printing products easy and cost-effective, thereby helping small and medium-sized businesses to market their businesses and to grow. Gogoprint offers SMEs, large corporations, and individuals to print advertising material and business stationery such as business cards and flyers, in order to promote and expand their business.

Business cards are often the first impression potential customer will have of your business and it also add credibility to your business. What makes Gogoprint distinctive from other printing shops like Vistaprint is directly apparent on its website. The business runs solely online and orders are made directly through the Gogoprint website. It is a very simple process and the website is user friendly.

Easy printing with Gogoprint! - Alvinology

Customers may start by browsing the products offered and choose the products they would like to print. After selecting product, they may choose the format, type of paper, and refinement. This is followed by the quantity to be printed and delivery time. Once completed,  the price quotation will be reflected at the right side bar. Gogoprint advocates price honesty and transparency. There is no hidden charge, and everything is stated clearly to customers.

Print is not dead, and it is as crucial as digital.

Easy printing with Gogoprint! - Alvinology

The combination of printing and digital make a great marketing tools for a business. Integration of your printed materials and digital campaigns might help build your brand and increase sales. Stick with the same concept, colours and style, and you will have an integrated campaign that is both professional and eye-catching. Digital logos and social media logos are very easy to spot, so stick them on your brochures to give customers the option in how they want to connect with your brand.

Contact Details

Website: www.gogoprint.sg
Facebook: Gogoprint Singapore
Email: [email protected]


  1. Gogoprint cannot make it. Printing colours not vibrant. Ordered offset printed items they delivered digital printed items. Super late for 2 days delivery but did not do any rectification, just offered discount code for next order. 2 days late delivery has caused me a lot of loss supposed to use the items to give out to my customers for exhibition but could give out nothing. Very disappointing.

  2. I am having a horrid time with Gogoprint Singapore. The product came out not as promised, and their team have been avoiding my emails ever since. The terrible print job ruined my product launch. Will never use again

  3. Zero customer service, robot replies. No one ever answers the call. Unless you are a designer and can design your own stationery to the exact 0.1mm, I’d stay away from this company. 1 of the worst nightmare ever.

  4. There are few other online printing platform to choose from, currently I’m using print by phone for urgent job and vista print for unique products.

  5. Incredible response time and delivery. Excellent customer service. Really am very touched and grateful that my order was rushed over to me in time, despite the short runway. Thank you so much!

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