Bet the song “Like a G6” comes to mind when you hear about the latest flagship model from LG.

Given the first-of-its-kind 18:9 screen size, an endless slew of captivating features, water and dust resistance, this model’s certainly as fly as a G6.

Practicality is everything with this game-changing phone as we can see in the following features:

G6 trail-blazes with its 18:9 screen

The wide 18:9 screen in G6 dials up the user experience by a few notches, especially while catching up on your favourite shows.

Needless to say, the screen of a phone takes centrestage as that’s where all the action is happening.

In this aspect, G6 shines with its one-of-a-kind 18:9 that only LG has as of now. While it’s a matter of time before other brands jump on the bandwagon, there’s still some time before the rest latches onto the trend.

Did you know that the 18:9 screen is actually the most optimal for movie-viewing? No longer do you have to see that two long and black strips flanking the film in the middle with G6.

2:1 Univisium display ratio

As Netflix becomes a mainstay in our lives, so will the 2:1 Univisium display ratio in LG G6. What’s more with many more titles and blockbuster movies being filmed in this format, it’s not hard to see why it’s here to stay.

Besides, this particular aspect ratio optimises split-screen multi-tasking, which is such a brilliant phone hack.

It’s really handy to be able to lock and unlock your phone simply by placing your finger at the sensor below the camera.

Dolby Vision

Imagine a kaleidoscope of colours appearing in the video but way better than the current technology you’ve ever seen.

Essentially, Dolby Vision is an improved version of HDR10. The former supports up to 10,000 nits peak brightness and brings a whole new dimension of vibrancy to any hue of colour within its Rec.2020 colour space.

Now what this means is you can now get much vivid colours with Dolby Vision in G6. Popular streaming services like Netflix are soon embracing this up-and-coming image technology, and it feels good to be the first to the game.

Impressive camera features 

Photo is taken in the “square mode” with G6 and added with the “Blush” filter in the camera app.

Imagine your Instagram reel filled with amazing food shots like this. G6 is practically THE phone for any foodie out there as it has a “square mode” optimised for Instagram photos and the “grid shot” mode to nail flat lays, which can be a tad tricky.

This particular shot works wonders with default templates that make sure you nail the golden symmetry in your photographs. Whether is it a flat lay food shot, or an object in your hold, you can visualise how it looks in the photo right off the reel.

Now, anyone can get that perfect food shot using the “grid shot” mode in Square mode.

The best part has yet to come. G6 touts of a dual 13-megapixel camera lens, which makes for seamless switching between taking photos in the standard and wide-angled modes. Personally, I love the wide-angled lens as it gives a greater perspective of view and that “oomph” to my otherwise basic stills.

The photograph of the same place is taken in the standard (above) and wide-angled (bottom) modes.

You can easily make a GIF out of a grid shot with three stills and one video, or in whichever manner as you deem fit.

Any social media-savvy individual would be enraptured by the 360° photo and GIF-making features of this phone because why wouldn’t you? In fact, being able to upload these files directly onto our social media platforms seals the deal for me.

You can now even shoot in manual mode – yes, you heard us right – and save your images in RAW format. Serious photographers will be ecstatic upon hearing this.

Water and dust resistance 

These days, it appears that water and dust resistance are indispensable attributes of a flagship model – and G6 is no exception. The flagship model is water-resistant for 30 minutes, in water as deep as 1.5 metres.

If you want a phone that is equally serious about photography as you are, LG G6 is the one. No kidding, this mind-blowing phone is as serious as photography can get in a smartphone.