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Lonely Planet Launches First Honeymoon Handbook

Lonely Planet Launches First Honeymoon Handbook - AlvinologyOne of the world’s top travel guide brand, Lonely Planet, is now venturing into couple travel by launching its first honeymoon handbook.

Published next month from Lonely Planet, The Honeymoon Handbook is touted to be the essential planning tool for newlyweds to choose and create their perfect “just married” holiday.

The Honeymoon Handbook will feature more than 25 locations for couples – from Andalucía to Zambia. It starts with a quiz to determine what kind of trip to take based on what you both love the most, whether it’s climbing the Canadian Rockies, touring Tuscany or cruising around Cuba.

Beyond the destination sections, The Honeymoon Handbook also offers safari-, luxury-, island- and family-themed getaway ideas – even “how-to’s” on so-called “minimoons” and getting married overseas.

Additional features include budget breakdowns and an LGBT-friendly indicator for same-sex couples, rating each location from 1 to 5. Other featured lists include:

Top 5 Off-The-Beaten-Track Honeymoons: 1) Raja Ampat, Indonesia; 2) Balkans; 3) Taiwan; 4) Jordan; 5) Panama.

Top 10 Honeymoon Islands: 1) Corsica, France; 2) Qurimbas Archipelago, Mozambique; 3) Huahine, French Polynesia; 4) Algonquin Island, Canada; 5) Nevis, Caribbean; 6) Tasmania; 7) Praslin & La Digue, Seychelles; 8) Santorini, Greece; 9) Tioman, Malaysia; 10) St Vincent & the Grenadines.

Top 5 Foodie Honeymoons: 1) Vietnam; 2) Southern Australia; 3) San Sebastián, Spain: 4) Japan; 5) Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

Top 10 Budget Honeymoons: 1) Morocco; 2) India; 3) Vietnam; 4) Portugal; 5) Indonesia; 6) Honduras; 7) Cambodia; 8) Bulgaria; 9) South Africa; 10) Puerto Rico

From budgeting, to the art of compromise, The Honeymoon Handbook boosts to provide couples with everything they need to plan the perfect, personalised trip to start their life together on the right foot.

Lonely Planet: The Honeymoon Handbook
Published February 2017
168pp, full colour 210 mm x 165mm
RRP: USD$17.99


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