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Hellenic Gaia Greek Honey

Instead of using processed white sugar as a sweetener, natural honey is a healthier alternative. There are many different honey brands available in the local supermarkets, but have you tried Greek honey?

Introducing Hellenic Gaia – a brand specialising in the production of natural Greek honey.

Hellenic Gaia Greek Honey - Alvinology

Hellenic Gaia, commonly known as Greek Earth, carries different range of Greek natural honey at an affordable price tag – Silver Label (S$13.95 per bottle from Cold Storage, Prime Supermarket, Mustafa Shopping Centre and MY Outlets), Royal Jelly and Gold Range(S$128 per bottle from Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium and all OG outlets):


The variety covers just about all the flavours you need.

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Hellenic Gaia’s honey are collected from Mt. Pageon and other areas in Greece and is touted to be raw and unfiltered. This means they are not heated, pasteurised or processed, keeping the honey as natural as possible.

In contrast to pasteurised honey, raw honey is an alkaline-forming food containing natural vitamins, enzymes, powerful antioxidants and other important natural nutrients – the very ones that would be destroyed during the heating and pasteurisation process in other types of honey.

To try out Hallenic Gaia’s honey, consider starting with the budget Silver Label range first, and then move up to the higher end range if you like their product. 🙂



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