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The Spy, The Thug, His Wife and Her Lover


AndSoForth is a nomadic theatre group which creates pop-up theatrical feasts immersed around stories, drama and…secrets. They are the people behind If We Dream Too Long, The Picnic, Singapore’s first indoor picnic and The Karl Experience just to name a few.


This time, AndSoForth presents The Spy, The Thug, His Wife and Her Lover, their latest thrilling interactive Spy themed dining experience. Guests will have to work with The Spy through a series of rooms and situations, attempt to break out of prison, extract information, conceal identities and buoyantly escape without disclosing their identity.

Everything is so clandestine that the instructions to follow and the exact address to the secret location of your dinner will only be sent 24 hours before or on the day itself via SMS, least you be compromised.

The confidential information given to you upon arrival at your meeting point.

The Crystal Bar, a bespoke club for the rich and famous where you will have your first interaction with the sleeper agent along with cocktails, wine or beer.

The story goes like this, before The Thug aka Tommy went underground into hiding, him and His Wife aka Mrs S. removed a large sum of money approximately $12 million dollars from the central bank and hid it. As an agent, the mission is to retrieve the money and assist the sleeper agent in extracting valuable information without blowing your cover.

Cray cray Mrs S. in prison.

Starters: Tomato Soup served in a tin can

Gambling with Tommy at his turf.

Main: Laksa Pasta with Prawns & Poached Egg

Johnny, French Pilot of AndSoForth Airlines.

Bella, Flight Attendant of AndSoForth Airlines.

Side: Potato Cheese Balls

The Dark Room where the guests graduate as spies.

Dessert: Milk Pudding with Berries & Rice Flakes

The 4 course dinner with each course served in a different room is prepared by Chef Jason Ang.

A huge enjoyment of the whole interactive dining experience is the role playing and blending into the storyline as one of the agents while having dinner, requiring you to use your wits, exercise self-control, consume food, guzzle fabulous cocktails and make merry. Because of the dialogue used by the actors, this is not suitable for kids I must warn you.

Tickets priced at $88 per person are still on sale with 3 more days (16th, 17th & 18th September 2016) of shows to go this weekend. You can purchase the tickets online at the AndSoForth website.

Mission accomplished. Agent 87 signing off.

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