5 Reasons Why We Love the LINE Pocket Photo Printer by LG - Alvinology

5 Reasons Why We Love the LINE Pocket Photo Printer by LG

Photostick, a small USB Flash Drive type device that offers you a brilliant and convenient way of backing up photos and videos, quickly and efficiently. It’s a nifty little storage stick device that is perfect in making your life easier when it comes to backing up your valuable data.

When we saw the cute brown printer, it was love at first sight. Who can resists something so small and adorable? We spent a few weeks with the adorable Brown bear and here’s 5 reasons why we love this Pocket Photo printer.

#1 – Cuteness to the max


Just one look at the packaging and one will immediately fall in love with the ultra cute Brown from LINE. You can customise the printer with the decorative stickers that comes with the set.

#2 – Ultra portable and comes with a cute pouch

LG LINE Pocket Photo

The LG x LINE Pocket Photo printer comes with a Brown bear pouch that fits the printer, charging cable and Zinc papers, everything you need to print your photos anywhere anytime. It fits into ladies handbag easily and is lightweight too.

The Pocket Photo uses the proven ZINK® technology, eliminating the need for expensive ink cartridges, ribbons or toner. This technology utilizes heat to activate the necessary color-forming dye crystals imbedded in each sheet of paper. The Pocket Photo can print 30 photos on a single charge.

#3 – Ease of use

5 Reasons Why We Love the LINE Pocket Photo Printer by LG - Alvinology

If you want to print photos taken on your mobile phone directly whenever you want to, the Pocket Photo will be your ideal companion. With the accompanying Pocket Photo app (connected via bluetooth), you can easily add filter effects, cute frames and even embed QR codes in photos, a great way to connect a physical photograph with an online community or online content.

#4 – Pocket Photo or Stick it Wherever

5 Reasons Why We Love the LINE Pocket Photo Printer by LG - Alvinology

With two types of Zinc paper, you can choose to print your photos in pocket size printouts or print onto Zinc stickers! Customize your photos, print and stick it in your diary, scrapbook or anywhere you want. This is an ideal tool for memory collectors like me!

#5 – Wallet-friendly

If I remember correctly, each box of the LG Pocket Photo Zinc paper is selling at $15 for 3 x 10 pieces per pack. That’s $0.50 per print. And the sticker paper is going at $18 for box of 3 x 10 pieces, $0.60 each print out. About the same price as Instax film printout if you’re using the Instax Share printer.

The LG Pocket Photo has better photo clarity and printout is sharper and than prints from the Instax Share. However the colour is a little ticky to get it right, it took me a few tries before I find the optimal colour setting on screen for print.

Tip: Make the colour more saturated, +1 for contrast or go the faded look, photo will print out better and closer to the actual photo you see on screen.


LG teamed up with LINE to release the above brand-new design for its Pocket Photo, an inkless mobile photo printing device. The portable and eye-pleasing LG Pocket Photo is one of the smallest mobile photo printing devices in the market. This special edition pocket photo is available at all Challenger outlets retailing at $229.

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