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Shopping for diamond jewellery in Singapore? Now you can get it customised ONLINE with SOOKEE

Six years ago, I bought the diamond ring for my wedding proposal via an online store based in America. There were no locally operated online store selling customisable diamond jewellery then. Otherwise, I might have bought it from a local e-retailer instead.

Fast forward to 2016, now, you can have the luxury of shopping from your own home at the e-store of home-grown and trusted jewellery brand, SOOKEE. They launched their e-store back in September 2015.

Why shop online instead of buying it from physical jewellery shops?

Three reasons.

First, the number of loose diamonds stocked in each physical shop are very limited. This is compared to the hundreds and even thousands of neatly categorised diamonds available online, in varying carats, purity and colour. As such, you can perfectly match your budget with a diamond of your desired specifications.

Lots of diamond options on SooKee's e-store
Lots of diamond options on SOOKEE’s e-store

Two, more options for customisation online. You can choose how you want to set your selected diamond into a pendant, a ring or other customised jewellery

Three, price. It is comparatively cheaper to buy online.

Back then when I made my purchase from America, I have to wait for overseas shipping and was unable to measure and check the ring size precisely. Although there is free alteration of the ring size for customers, shipping charges are not covered and it cost quite a bit to send it back and forth, offsetting any savings.

Hence being able to shop and purchase locally from the SOOKEE e-store is a fantastic option.


I recently purchased a pendant for my wife i in May via the e-store and you can do the same on SOOKEE’s e-store, Singapore’s first customisable diamond ring store.

SOOKEE delivered it to my wife while I was away on a work trip in India. I was also able to get it delivered together with a bouquet of flowers, a service that SOOKEE provides:



My wife had a pleasant surprise when she received the pendant and flowers. She texted me this image and a thank you while I was on the road in India:


Thank you SOOKEE for helping to deliver happiness!

Why shop with SOOKEE online?

For most shoppers, the greatest fear when it comes to purchasing jewellery online is getting scammed with fake diamonds or gems.

There are several assurances from SOOKEE to alleviate this fear.

There is a live chat function where you can instantly message SOOKEE’s staff if you have any queries. You can also view the diamond and examine it closely with up with 40 times magnification or a 360 degree views of the actual diamond.

In addition, the GIA certificate for the stone can be seen online. Each stone also comes with an accurate depiction to ensure that you can make the best informed choice on your diamond selection.


Once you have chosen the diamond, design and gold type that you prefer, there is a SOOKEE trial room whereby you can upload a photo of yourself to see how the customised jewellery will look on you, without having to visit the physical store. Finally, you can also request for engraving to make the jewellery uniquely yours.


Plus, you can also customise your delivery like I did, getting them to send a flower along with the jewellery.

SOOKEE had come a long way since the brand was first established as one of the oldest jewellery brand in Singapore. Moving with time, SOOKEE made lots of effort to reinvigorate and spice up the brand, by keeping up with the shopping trends of younger consumers. The e-store is one such initiative.

Here’s a video about SOOKEE’s e-store:

For payment, SOOKEE’s safety guarantees allow customers to purchase diamonds through approved global payment gateways with an in-store 7 days exchange policy.

In addition, SOOKEE offers complimentary courier delivery and insurance with every order for customers in Singapore. Alternatively, if you prefer to view the diamond in person or understand more in an intimate setting, you can choose to schedule an appointment to meet our diamond experts at SOOKEE Jewellery store. These are all important factors to consider when choosing between to purchase locally versus from an overseas e-store.

Visit to try out the SOOKEE experience from the comfort of your home.


Create your own diamond rings, pendants or earrings for yourself or gift them to a loved one!

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