When two of the best brands in their respective fields enter a collaboration, you will expect nothing but the best from them. The UA Headphones Wireless – Engineered by JBL, is one such example:

This sports headphones is designed by athletes for athletes, and is the result of a collaboration between leading global sports brand, Under Armour and premium global audio brand, JBL.

I have been using it for over a month in my journey to keep trim and fit and this UA headphones is something which I bring everywhere I go now. I am down 19kg since I started my health and fitness journey in January.

My new passport photo is the one below

My new passport photo is the one below

How did I do it? 

Basically, a lot of discipline in keeping to a healthy diet and exercising regularly. A typical week for me will include at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, with longer sessions clocked in the weekend.

For instance, here’s what a typical week is like: Mon, Wed, Fri – jog 30 mins; Tues, Thurs – swim 30 mins; Sat – swim + jog + cycle 1 hour; Sun – cycle 4 hours.

For food, I reduced my carbs intake and substitute it with lots of vegetables. I also cut off tidbits, sugary drinks, supper and night snacks. Ample sleep is important too and I try to get at least 8 hours of rest every night.

No special workout program or rigid diet to follow. The key is repetition and making sure that what ever exercise or diet routine you are embarking on is sustainable in the long run.

The key is to just get started and keep it going.

What helps? 

Discipline and… technology!

The latter helps to power the former.

It gets boring when you are jogging alone on almost a daily basis. What I do is to listen to music or audio books while I jog. the latter works well when I intend to jog for longer than 40 mins as the narrative can keep me entertained better than continuous songs which work better for shorter runs.

The UA headphones come in really handy for my runs.

Some key features of the UA Headphones Wireless:

  • Unique wireless design made to fit in the bowl of your ear to provide a better, more secure fit during any workout
  • Twistlock Technology gently fits down the ear canal, and twists to lock in place
  • Special ear tip designed to put less pressure on your ear canal
  • Can be worn both in front or behind the neck—for best sound quality & mic access, wear wire in the front
  • Equipped with 2 sizes (5 & 7) to insure proper fit — if they easily fall out, try a larger sized ear tip
  • Sweat-proof nano-coating with IPX5 water resistance

Upon outboxing, it comes with a pair of UA Headphones Wireless, 2 sets of enhancers (size 5 and 7), a carrying case and a Micro USB charging cable:

It is easy to connect the headphones to any device using just bluetooth. No installations are required. I use two different mobile phones, an iPhone 6S and a ZTE Axon Android phone. It works well with both with ease.

A single charge can gives up to 8 hours of wireless audio. Typically, I only need to charge the headphones about once every two weeks.

What I really like is the twist and lock mechanism which fit the headphones snugly into my cars, so they don’t fall off due to vigorous movements. Plus they are sweat-proof, audio quality is consistently good even when I am sweating from head to toes.

If you are motivated to get moving to lose weight like how I did, the most important thing to remember is CONSISTENCY. You just need to keep at it and you will get there. However, as consistency is often boring, that’s where you need to find something to do to optimise your time while you are exercising. For me, I choose to listen to music or audio books. That’s why gadgets like the UA Headphones Wireless help a lot. 🙂

The UA Headphones Wireless – Engineered by JBL is priced at S$289 SGD and is now selling in CK Tangs in Singapore.